What is Horse in the Chinese Zodiac?

The horse is the seventh animal in the Chinese zodiac lunar sequence. It is considered a symbol of strength, resilience, hard work, and energy in the traditional Chinese culture.

China is a hotbed of different cultures that have been embraced and preserved throughout the years. If you are curious to learn about Chinese traditions, the Chinese zodiac would be a great place to start.

The Chinese zodiac is a fun and engaging way to learn about Chinese traditions and understand them better. It is important to note that all traditional Chinese festivities are determined by the lunar calendar. Every lunar year of the calendar has a representative zodiac with a 12-year cycle. The zodiacs include Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. In this article, we will be focusing on the horse zodiac and all there is to it. Stick around.

What is a horse in the Chinese zodiac

In Chinese folklore, each animal in the zodiac has their distinguishing characteristics. The horse is the seventh animal in the lunar sequence of animals of the Chinese zodiac.

According to folklore, the Jade emperor hosted a party and decided that the order of the zodiac would be determined by how the animals arrived at the party. The horse had to pass by a cemetery but was scared and hesitated for a long time. To overcome this obstacle, the horse closed its eyes and charged at full speed to get to the party, unfortunately, he arrived seventh at the party.

The Chinese consider the horse to be cheerful, optimistic, energetic, and highly successful. Many Chinese businessmen who hope for success in their businesses hang the picture of a horse in their studies to give them hope.

They are also free-spirited and energetic. Even though positive characteristics are attributed to the horse, they can be reckless, impatient, stubborn, and lose their tempers easily but this is short-lived and they return to normal after a short period. They can be rude to others at times but are not completely unaware.

In ancient Chinese culture, the horse was used for transport and is considered the strongest of all six animals. They are strong, powerful, and elegant, and used as representatives of heroes. When it comes to Yin and Yang element, the horse is denoted by Yang.

Year of the horse meaning

The year of the horse is denoted by the earthly branch symbol Wu and is associated with the midday hours between 11 and 13. The years of the Ox include 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026.

People born in the year of the horse are free-spirited, active, energetic, and like to be the center of attention. They are also known to be extremely temperamental and find it hard to stick to schedules because they get bored easily with routine. Despite this, everyone around them enjoys their company because they are entertaining and good public speakers.

People born in the year of the horse share similar characteristics to the horse

Horse Chinese zodiac personality

Only positive attributes are used to describe the horse in Chinese culture. Generally, people born in the year of the horse are considered energetic and extremely active. They are not motivated by money and wealth but rather by happiness. Because they are extremely fast in what they do, they expect others to operate at their speed level and do not understand when people are unable to do so. This makes them highly temperamental but they get over it quickly.

Below are some personality traits based on gender.

1. Horse woman personality

The female horse is very attractive and has a refreshing aura. They are very fashionable and impressive to look at. Sometimes they are gentle but can also be considered wild stallions. They are highly motivated and don’t like to receive help from others. They have a good work and family life balance and likely to succeed.

Women born in the year of the horse are considered good mums and wives based on the Chinese standard. They can be very talkative but extremely indecisive and thus leave things to fate.

2. Horse man personality

The male horses are highly energetic and active. They are confident and decisive. They are stubborn and refuse to listen to others opinions. In life, they are highly competitive and do not give up easily.

At work, they are creative and come up with new ideas to solve problems. Because of their high confidence, they enjoy taking on challenges and know that they will deliver because they never give up. Delivering the desired results gives them a sense of achievement.

Their major weakness is that they spend money extravagantly at will which makes them broke at most times.

Horse Chinese zodiac compatibility

Chinese horse zodiac is most compatible with the Tiger, Goat, and Dog but least compatible with the Ox zodiac. Below is how they are compatible with other zodiac animals.

What Chinese zodiac is compatible with the horse

The horse is most compatible with dog, tiger, and dog because:

  • Attracted to the goat’s resilience and tenderness
  • Share similar personalities with a tiger. Both are active and generous. They work hard to achieve their goals and support each other.
  • Likely to fall in love with a dog because they are independent and sincere.

Least compatible with ox because:

  • Communication barrier. Both have conflicting personalities causing tension. The ox is reserved while the horse is energetic. They are unable to find a common ground between them.

Horse in love Chinese zodiac

A male horse is very attractive and popular among ladies. They are:

  • Unskillful and dull with women
  • Passionate when in love but lack patience
  • Loyal and faithful when married

Female horses in love:

  • Show sincere affection
  • Delay marriage
  • Retreat when partners become fully involved
  • Intolerant to extra-marital affairs.

Fire horse Chinese zodiac

People born in the horse years 1918 and 1978 are associated with fire horses. Their personalities include: adventurous, passionate, intelligent, energetic, and like fashion. They are confident and keep calm in difficult times. Possess problem-solving skills and are over-achievers.

Wood horse Chinese zodiac

People born in horse years 1906 and 1966 are wood horses. They are observant, creative, natural leaders, and good decision-makers.

Water horse Chinese zodiac

People born on horse’s years 1942 and 2002 are associated with water horses. They are ambitious, eloquent, gentle, and considerate but very indecisive. They take time to develop bonds with others.

Golden Horse Chinese zodiac

The golden horse years are 1990 and 1930. Golden horse people are kind, emotional, and selfless. They are strong-willed and sincere. Their straightforward nature upsets others easily.

Earth horse Chinese zodiac

People born in the horse year 1978 are associated with earth horses. They are considered to be of pure hearts, warm, and gentle. They are also popular among their friends. Sometimes, they can be highly emotional and impatient but they know the value of the people around them so their friends will not leave them.


The Chinese zodiac is determined by the lunar calendar. The horse is the strongest and consider the seventh animal in the zodiac. In China, the horse is a symbol of strength, hard work, bravery, and resilience. If you were born in any of the years mentioned in this article, then you are considered a horse by Chinese people.

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