What Are Lucky Numbers In Chinese? (Auspicious Numbers)

The Chinese culture is filled with many superstitions and beliefs. A lot of things carry symbolism and meaning according to them. From animals to nature and even numbers. Each of these things is divided into two main groups, some are considered auspicious, and those are inauspicious.

Numbers are no exception to this rule. Certain numbers are generally lucky or unlucky. According to Fengshui and the Chinese zodiac signs, there are even numbers that are considered unlucky for some people but lucky for others. In this post, we will be exploring which are these lucky numbers and why are they considered lucky. We will also identify the luckiest number according to the Chinese. We will also touch on which numbers are luckier for certain zodiacs.

Which Numbers Are Lucky In China?

Based on the name, the Chinese believe that luck numbers bring them good fortunes and luck. That is why when making important decisions the Chinese think about the lucky numbers. Such decisions include picking a car number plate, a phone number, when to move to a new house, when to start a business, and wedding dates, among many others. By picking the lucky numbers, they believe that things will go smoothly and there won’t be any hurdles.

The numbers that are generally considered lucky in China are those that sound similar to words with lucky meanings. Throughout the rest of the article, we will discuss the exact general lucky numbers in China and what makes them so special. We will also discuss a few of the important lucky number combinations.

What Is 8 In Chinese?

The number 8 is one of the general lucky numbers in China. It is considered a symbol of wealth and success. That is why many Chinese incorporate the number in their daily life. It is a highly favored number both in traditional and modern times.

Those born in the year of the snake, rooster, and pig, especially enjoy the number 8 as their lucky number. Such individuals are said to have strong insights and intuition. They can explore things that are yet to be discovered making them naturally talented business people. Even so, those people born in the year of the tiger, rabbit, and dragon are asked to avoid the number 8 as it may be an inauspicious number for them.

Why Is 8 Auspicious In Chinese?

So, why is 8 an auspicious number for the Chinese? It is because eight is associated with wealth. The Chinese word for eight is pronounced as ‘ba’ which is similar to the sound ‘fa’ that means ‘to be well-off’ or ‘being rich soon’. As such, the number is incorporated in many aspects of Chinese culture.

What Is 6 In Chinese?

Six is another auspicious number to the Chinese. They believe that the number is a representation of the fact that everything will go smoothly or is going smoothly. In some regions in China, there is a wedding tradition whereby the groom must offer a betrothal gift to the bride’s family in the form of money in the value of six. That means CNY 666 or CNY 6,666 and so on. By doing this, the couple is believed to have a happy and peaceful marriage. Even in business the number six is considered lucky, which is why you’ll find contracts being signed when the dates on them have six in it.

Also, while the 60th birthday is the grandest birthday many people celebrate around the world, the Chinese celebrate the 66th birthday instead. Speaking of birthdays, when it comes to the Chinese zodiac, the number 6 is especially luckiest for those born in the year of the rabbit and dragon. These people are considered sentimental and are great at maintaining relationships.

Why Is 6 Lucky In Chinese?

The number 6 is considered lucky in China because it is associated with smooth progress in life. That’s because, the Chinese word for is ‘liu’, which sounds similar to the words that mean ‘to flow’. Like the number 8, 6 is also said to bring you success and wealth since if everything goes smoothly, you would be able to achieve your goals and dreams faster and easier.

What Is 2 In Chinese?

The number two is the smallest even number and is considered among the lucky ones in China since even numbers have more preference over odd ones. According to Chinese culture, a lot of it circulates on balance which brings about harmony, and two is considered to be a representation of that. The Chinese also believe that everything good comes in pairs. That is why during the wedding, both the windows and doors are decorated with paper cuts for double blessings. Married women would also be sent with duplicate gifts when visiting their parents’ homes.

The number two is also an especially lucky number for those born in the year of the pig, goat, horse, snake, and rat. That’s almost half of the Chinese zodiac. People born in these years are therefore said to be naturally sensitive and enjoy close relationships with friends, hence dislike being alone. The number is, however, to be avoided by those born in the year of the monkey as it is an inauspicious number for them.

Why Is 2 A Lucky Number In Chinese?

In Chinese the number two has two meanings, one of them is ‘liang’ which means double, twinned, or again. Because the Chinese believe good things come in pairs, the number two is considered lucky. Also, the presence of two is a sign of balance between two equal things therefore a source of peace. The other name is ‘er’ which is also used as an adjective to describe individuals who are reckless, intrepid, or intemperate. Recently, however, the derogatory meaning of this word has lessened and now is used to mean innocent or honest.

What Is 9 In Chinese?

The number 9 is another favorite number among the Chinese. They associate it with eternity. That is why during Valentine’s a man presents his lover with 9, 99, 999 and so on roses, as a symbol of his undying and everlasting love. At weddings, the monetary gift that a groom gives to the bride’s family can also be in figures of 9 or 6. That means CNY9,999 or CNY99,999. The emperors in ancient China also favored this number and used it in many aspects of their administrations. That included the nine-rank system for officials, the nine continents of the empire, or the nine-dragon imperial robes.

As for the Zodiac signs, the number 9 is luckiest for those born in the years of the snake, monkey, and dog. Such individuals have a natural gift of serving others and easily create a relaxed atmosphere so others are comfortable around them. The number is however unlucky for those born in the year of the rooster, rat, and goat.

Why Is 9 A Lucky Number In Chinese?

The reason that the number nine is so auspicious to the Chinese is that it is pronounced as ‘jiu’. This word is similar to the Chinese word that means everlasting. The number nine is therefore a symbol of eternity. Many of the Chinese believe that the number will bring them long life or long-lasting love and relationships.

Chinese Lucky Numbers Combinations.

Aside from the single numbers we have just described, number combinations also have varying meanings, especially as expressed by young people today. The following are some of the important number combinations and their meanings:

  • 168 – in Chinese, this number is pronounced as Yi Liu ba, which sounds similar to the phrase Yi lu fa. The phrase means to be lucky or to be prosperous throughout your journey to financial success. The number is therefore a lucky symbol of prosperity.
  • 520 – the Chinese word for this combination is wu er ling which sounds similar to wu ai ni, which translates to ‘I Love You. This number combination is therefore used by couples looking for a simple way to express their love for each other.
  • 666 – the number six is Liu in Chinese which is similar to the word that means flow. This number combination, therefore, is like saying ‘flow, flow, flow’ (Liu, Liu, Liu). It is often used when as the amount of money, a groom gifts the bride’s family or to express one’s best wishes for a smooth life or future.
  • 999 – nine in Chinese means everlasting. The number combination in this case, therefore, is simply an expression of one wishing you eternity, either eternal life or love. Also, because 999 looks like 666 upsides down, youngsters use it to mean that everything is better than smooth. This is also the figure a lover would use when presenting their partner with roses on Valentine’s day.
  • 1314 – this combination is pronounced as yisnyisi yisheng yishi, which translates to one world, one life. In Chinese slang, youngsters use it to mean forever. They could use it after I Love You or something similar.
  • 3344 – this combination is pronounced as ‘san san si si’ which sounds similar to another Chinese phrase ‘Sheng sheng shi shi’ which means, for this life and all the generations or simply lifelong. So, like 1314, this combination can also be used after phrases like “I love you.”

What Is The Luckiest Number In China?

Now that we’ve looked at the main lucky number and number combinations in China, which one of them is the luckiest? The answer is the number 8. Being a symbol of wealth and success, it is a highly favored number in China. Important events and dates are selected based on whether they have the number 8 on the date. Many phrases have 8 in them like Bamian chufeng which means 8-sided spring winds. It’s used to wish someone success regardless of the direction they take.


There you have it; all the Chinese lucky numbers you can incorporate into your life and enjoy the luck it brings. Be careful, however, and ensure that the numbers aren’t unlucky based on your Chinese Zodiac signs.

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