What Does Rabbit mean in the Chinese Zodiac?

According to one Chinese legend, there lived a Jade emperor. He threw a party for all animals. The rabbit arrived at the party as the fourth guest. The emperor awarded the guests numerical numbers in order of their arrival. That is why this animal is fourth in the twelve-cycle lunar calendar. If you think about the rabbit, it is gentle in nature and sensitive. These traits are reflected in those born in the rabbit year. In other cultures, the zodiac is replaced with other gentle animals such as the mousedeer.

What is the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac?

A rabbit is a beautiful, harmless, and elegant animal in real life but in Chinese culture, it is a symbol in the lunar calendar. The rabbit zodiac is symbolized by the earthly branches or terrestrial branches, a Chinese astronomy derivation from the orbit of Jupiter. The terrestrial symbols are used in ancient astrological traditions.

The animal is among the luckiest five in the Chinese calendar. Those born in the years of the rabbit are called rabbits. They are said to have it easy in life. The rabbit cycle is categorized in the following years: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011.They are further classified into five elements; the fire rabbit, the wood rabbit, the water rabbit, the golden rabbit, and the earth rabbit.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Personality

People born in the year of the rabbit are assigned personality traits derived from this little animal. The rabbit in its natural habitat is harmless and less aggressive except in times of danger. These traits are further assigned according to the genders. There is the rabbit woman and the rabbit man.

Rabbit Woman Personality

The rabbit woman is a female who was born in any of the rabbit years mentioned above. She is calm and graceful. She is honest and tender. This woman is not hypocritical in love. She doesn’t accept fake love or live pretentiously. The rabbit woman is witty and out-going. She is considered to be very conservative.

Rabbit Man Personality

What is the rabbit man like? He is a sharp-dresser. He is impressive and easily likable. This man is polite and tender as his female counterpart. As the animal his zodiac is named after, the rabbit man is alert and skillful. The male rabbits are cheerful and polite. They are attractive and full of humor. These men can be introverted, but pleasant.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Can a rabbit interact with just any animal in the zodiac? In Chinese culture, not all animals can interact seamlessly.  The compatibility of the animals is assigned based on their personality traits. This zodiac is most compatible with the dog, pig, monkey, and sheep. The rabbit and the sheep are a harmonious match. They are both family-oriented and interact easily.

This animal lacks passion and enthusiasm, a trait that is prevalent in the monkey. This means that the monkey can bring life to the rabbit. The dog is loyal and the rabbit is honest. This is a perfect pair in relationships. The pig and the rabbit are introverts and prefer a simple life.

Rabbit in love Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese zodiac influence how relationships of all animals turn out. Is it a good idea to fall in love with a rabbit? The male rabbit is attractive to girls and easily finds love. His generous nature is an attractive quality to females. The female rabbit is tender in love. She does not fake romantic feelings. If one is ejected by the female rabbit, it is pointless to pursue her further. From the traits listed above, it looks like the rabbit is not badly off in matters of love.

Fire Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

The fire rabbit years are 1927 and 1987. The zodiac’s symbol is a rabbit covered in fire. This animal is open-minded and smart. It is successful in its endeavors. The fire rabbit likes to be surrounded by mystery. It is spontaneous and often catches people by surprise.

Wood Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

The element of the wood falls in 1975. The characteristics of the wood rabbit are relaxed, calm, and sociable. The Wood rabbit woman is known to love and spoil her children. She is friendly and very sensitive. These animals like to work in teams. They prefer to be encouraged and supported. The wood rabbits are not all perfect. They are stubborn and opinionated.

Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

The element of water is enduring, gentle, and flexible.  The year of the water rabbit is 1963. The next generation of this element will be in 2023. The water rabbit contains calm energy. However, this animal is sensitive and easily offended. This means that they are not entirely perfect.

Golden Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

This is also referred to as the year of the metal rabbit. The element falls in 1951 and 2011. The metals aren’t competitive. They prefer to be content with what they have and this trait can easily be interpreted as mediocrity. However, they are kind-hearted and conventional. They steer clear of people who are cut-throat competitors and who like quick success. They are slow and deliberate in their endeavors. This animal is also known to be artistic and imaginative.

Earth Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

The earth rabbit is reserved and up-front. This element came in 1939 and 1999. The animal in this element can be firm and strive for success. These rabbits have a need to be reassured and loved. They love to be pampered and treated gently. It is the gentlest element in the zodiac cycle. The earth rabbit is attentive, making it an exemplary scholar. However, don’t be fooled by the gentleness of this zodiac. It is not always perfect and gentle. It can be domineering at work and demand perfection.


In the Chinese tradition, the rabbit is a lucky animal and is associated with the early morning hours between five and seven AM. It is considered to be the most elegant of all creatures. The world’s renowned rabbits are famous footballer, Lionel Messi, actress Angelina Jolie, and Tiger Woods.

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