Chinese craft

Jing County oil-paper umbrella

Jing County oil-paper umbrella is one of China’s traditional handicrafts with a long history and unique craftsmanship. This type of umbrella is constructed with high-quality wood as the frame and oil-paper as the canopy, meticulously crafted through multiple processes. The distinctive features of Jing County oil-paper umbrellas include vibrant colors, durable texture, and excellent rain […]

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What Is Xuan Paper?

Xuan Paper (simplified Chinese: 宣纸; traditional Chinese: 宣紙; pinyin: xuānzhǐ), also known as Xuan Paper or Xuanzhi, is a type of paper originating from ancient China used for writing and painting. Xuan Paper is renowned for its soft and delicate texture, making it suitable for conveying the artistic expression of Chinese calligraphy and painting. Papermaking

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What Is Dragon Scale Book Binding?

“Dragon Scale Binding,” also known as “Dragon Scale Pattern Binding” or “Whirlwind Binding,” is a form of ancient Chinese bookbinding. Its distinctive feature involves folding the pages of a book in a zigzag pattern, then connecting them using fish-tail paper. The pages are sequentially adhered, resulting in a long, dragon-scale-like pattern. This form of bookbinding

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What Is A Chinese Porcelain Carving?

Chinese Porcelain Carving,as know an Ceramic engraving, as a unique form of art, blends traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, representing the perfect integration of traditional Chinese ceramic culture and carving techniques. Through the use of carving tools on the surface of ceramics, various patterns, texts, and images are created, imbuing ceramics with profound cultural connotations

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