What does dragon mean in the Chinese zodiac?

The Chinese zodiac follows the lunar calendar in a 12- year cycle. The zodiac years are named after various animals and their personality. The twelve-cycle is made up of the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The dragon year is the most envied. The dragon year comes after every twelve years. It represents the years 1928,1940,1952,1964, 1976,1988, 2000, and 2012. It is the most esteemed creatures in Chinese beliefs. The Chinese refer to themselves as descendants of the dragon. In reality, the dragon is a myth. It is believed to be a flying reptile with powerful wings and feet.

What is the dragon in the Chinese Zodiac?

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The dragon comes in fifth in the zodiac calendar. It is among the best zodiacs in the Chinese lunar calendar. A dragon is a mythical creature. It is believed to possess great power and spits fire. It is the only unreal animal in the zodiac. This legendary animal features in folk tales of various cultures worldwide. In the zodiac calendar, the dragon represents good luck, health, and strength.

Many cultures portray the dragon as an evil and dark creature. It is associated with the underworld. In Chinese culture, the animal is portrayed as a sign of authority and majesty. Some people believed that some of the most powerful Chinese emperors reincarnated from the dragon.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Personality

Each zodiac animal is defined with its unique characteristics. The dragon personality is defined based on the individual’s gender. The people born in the dragon year are referred to as dragons. A female born in this year is called a dragon woman while a man is called a dragon man

Dragon woman personality

All females born in the dragon years portray similar characteristics according to the Chinese zodiac. These females are flirty, intelligent, courageous, and confident. Their enthusiasm and confidence set them apart. They are believed to be ambitious and take up challenges with aggression and skill. She is honest and straightforward. The dragon woman is very attractive.

Dragon Man Personality

The males born in the dragon year are majestic and intelligent. The highly-talented males are easily noticeable due to their self-confidence and brainpower. In folk tales, dragons are never seen as weak even after they fail.  Their enthusiasm only leaves behind admiration. The dragon male is often seen as the alpha male. They are fearless and well-built.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

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Every person is bound to form relationships of various kinds and the dragons are no exception. Their compatibility with other zodiac years depends on the specific year.

What animal is compatible with the dragon?

 The dragons are most compatible with the Rooster, the rat, and the monkey. The rooster is a great match due to its independence. The rat is enthusiastic and loyal, making it a great match, especially in marriage. The Monkey is protective and social making it a great match for marriage to a dragon.

Dragon in love Zodiac

The love story of dragons is comprised of great romance and passion. The dragon partners are loyal and faithful in relationships. They are committed to their relationships and make supportive partners. They are choosy when it comes to their choice of marriage partners. Male dragons are sensitive and committed in their relationships. They take their time to know their partners and are often successful in their relationships.

Fire Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Like all other zodiacs, the dragon is characterized by various types of dragons. One of the dragons is the fire dragon. The fire dragon years are 1916 and 1976. The fire dragon symbol is depicted as a dragon covered in fire. The personality of these individuals is comprised of a gentle nature, independence, determination, and enthusiasm. The fire dragons command respect from their peers due to their hard work.

Wood Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The wood dragons are represented in the year 1964. This is the most interesting personality. The wood dragon is the party animal. This personality lacks the aspiration to take life seriously. They are known to be the life of the party and are often interesting to be around. The wood dragon. This personality is creative and extreme. They are calm, but also extreme risk-takers. The next generation of wood dragons will be born in 2024.

Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac

This generation is represented in the years 1952 and 2012. The water dragons were born between January 27th, 1952 to February 13th, 1953. These zodiacs have a positive impression on others. They are influencers and pleasant. Their demeanor and calmness are connected to royalty. These dragons are also known to be patient and generous.

Golden Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The golden dragons are represented in the years 1940 and 2000. These dragons are unpredictable, straightforward, and kind. They are identified to get along with most people. Their greatest weakness is their indecisiveness and unstable emotions. They lack persistence and often lack continuity in their lives. The golden dragon is believed to be the luckiest year among all the dragon years.

Earth Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The earth dragon falls in the year 1988. The earth dragons are upright, generous, and honest. They are protective and kind. It is the quietest of all the dragons. The earth dragons are down to earth and their opinions always hold water. The earth dragon has self-control, is decisive, and does everything to completion. Some of the renowned earth dragons are Bruce Lee, Sandra Bullock, and Nicolas Cage.


The dragon is also called ‘loong’. The fifth position in the zodiac is derived from the legend of the jade emperor. He is said to have invited various animals to his party. The dragon was expected to arrive first due to its wings and speed but showed up fifth. When asked, the dragon explained that it had stopped in a village that was suffering and it had stopped to offer a helping hand. The emperor was pleased and awarded the dragon the fifth position. That is why the dragon zodiac sign is fifth.

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