Who Was The Jade Emperor?- Most Powerful Chinese God

Every community follows specific religious practices. Though some Chinese do not believe in Christianity, they have always believed in deities. One of the most popular deities in Chinese mythology is the Jade emperor. The Chinese came up with different folk stories associated with this deity.

We will look at who he is, his family, how strong he is, and his age. You will also learn the powers and abilities of the jade emperor, which animal he left out, and how he differs from Zeus in this article. Read on!

Who is jade emperor?

yu di

The jade emperor is an important deity that rules heaven. He is among the highest-ranked gods in Chinese mythology. He is the god of the Taoist pantheons. Before becoming the ruler of heaven, the jade emperor was the prince of the Pure Felicity kingdom and the Empress of Precious Moonlight.

He was also the assistant of Yuan-shi tian-zun. When he was born, the jade emperor emitted a light that filled the Kingdom. At a young age, the jade emperor was wise and kind. He spent most of his time helping the poor. Due to his amazing works, the Chinese gave him different titles.

Who is the wife of the jade emperor

The Chinese believe that the jade emperor resides in a palace in heaven together with this family. The deity is married to Wagmu Niagniang. His wife is a powerful celestial in charge of the Peaches of Immortality.

According to Taoist fairy tales, the wife of the jade emperor is the most powerful goddess in heaven. She is in charge of the longevity and happiness of human beings. Wagmu Niagniangh has an elixir that can make humans live forever without growing old.

Jade emperor also has secondary wives. The most popular one is the Horse Head goddess, which cares for silkworms. The Chinese believe that she produces silk, a precious item in the country.

Jade emperor daughters

The jade emperor has familial connections with different deities, including his daughters. He is the father of Tzu-sun Niagniang, Yen-Kuang Niangniang and Zhi Nu. Tzu-sun Niagniang is a popular fertility goddess that gives needy couples children.

On the other hand, Yen-Kuang is the goddess that can give human beings good eyesight. The Chinese believe that this goddess can cure humans suffering from eye diseases such as ophthalmia. The third daughter, Zhi Nu, is in charge of weaving clouds in heaven.

Jade emperor son

Though the Chinese believe that the jade emperor has a large family, there is no mention of the name of his sons. They only know of a nephew called Yang Shen, also referred to as the Lord of Quality.

How strong is the jade emperor

Apart from helping the needy, the jade emperor is famous for his strength. He strictly adheres to the celestial laws and can punish those who defy them. The Chinese believe that he is so strong that he can defeat evil. According to a specific myth, the jade emperor protected human beings from monsters. He made the land a more peaceful place for humans to live in without being attacked by monsters.

He once saw an evil glow and fought the evil entity. Though the other gods were not strong enough to defeat it, the jade emperor managed to do this easily. During the battle, the rivers toppled, and the mountains shook. Due to his strength, the gods and humans proclaimed him a

supreme sovereign.

How old is the jade emperor

The jade emperor is immortal. He obtained Golden immortality after 1750 eons. Each eon is believed to last for 129,600 years. He became Jade Emperor after a hundred million years. According to the Chinese, the jade emperor is around 3.2 billion years old.

Jade emperor powers and abilities

The Jade emperor has authority over all the deities in the pantheon. He is so powerful that he managed to defeat Amatsu-Mikaboshi and the deity of darkness. Jade emperor mastered 3.2 trials and became the King of the Gods. He can defeat deities like Ra and Odin.

Besides his power, the jade emperor also has unique abilities. For instance, he can generate divine light that can vaporize demons. He was able to defeat Amatsu-Mikaboshi by generating intense light on him. Since the Chinese also associated him with magic, they believed that the jade emperor could cast curses and manipulate nature.

Which animal left out by the jade emperor

Different stories tell of how the Jade emperor picked the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. According to one story, the jade emperor was curious about what the animals on Earth looked like. He, therefore, invited them to his palace in heaven.

When the animals got the invitation, the cat asked the rat to wake him on that specific date. Since the rat was insecure about his looks, he decided not to wake the cat up on the day they were to visit the palace. Therefore, the jade emperor left out the cat and gave every other animal a place in the zodiac.

Jade emperor vs. Zeus

Though these two are popular deities, the Chinese believe that the Jade emperor is more powerful than Zeus. They associate the Jade emperor with benevolence and kindness and Zeus with law and justice. While the Jade emperor is believed to rule the heavens, Zeus rules Mount Olympus.

The two deities also have different personalities since the Jade emperor is famous for helping the needy while Zeus was famous for his unending lust for women. Despite his strange character, Zeus had the power of controlling the storms and weather. On the other hand, the Jade emperor has the power of projecting the light on enemies and changing nature through his magic abilities.


The Chinese believe that the Jade emperor is a supreme god. He has been in charge of heaven for many years and is immortal. This deity still plays a significant role in the life of the Chinese. As they celebrate the new year festival, they believe that the jade emperor will reward or punish households depending on their doings.

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