What Is Dog In Chinese Zodiac?

The Dog lies in the eleventh position in the Chinese zodiac signs. It is placed after the Rooster and before the pig. In China’s astrology, every single year is connected to a Chinese zodiac animal. Dog people are very loyal, honest, prudent, and cautious.

A dog is a good close friend and can understand human instincts and submits to its master. They don’t pay attention if the master is wealthy or not. In this article, we will explore what year is the dog in Chinese zodiac. At the same time find out about the Dog Chinese zodiac personality, get to know their combability, as well as understand what other animal can be their best matches. Explore Dog love life and lastly look at their elements in terms of fire, wood, water, golden, and earth dog.

What year is Dog in Chinese zodiac

chinese zodiac dog symbol

As mentioned earlier, the Dog takes the 11th position in the Chinese zodiac. The years of the Dog are 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, and 2042.  

Dog Chinese zodiac personality

The aspects of our inner self interacting with the dynamics of our environment shape our personalities. This is no different from the way personalities in Chinese zodiac are perceived. Dog people in the Chinese zodiac are honest, loyal, cautious, prudent, kind, and amiable. The high level of loyalty and sincerity they have, makes them do anything they think is important to the people they care about

Dog woman personality

A woman born in the year of the Dog is most often liked by many people around her circle. They lend their hand whenever help is needed. They drive the ability to be sympathetic. When she sees others suffering, she also feels she is suffering too. Moreover, Dog woman is sincere, smart, and always direct in their communication. They stick to what they are supposed to do and do it to perfection. Nonetheless, they have a dark sense of humor. This means she can upset some people around her with her jokes.

Dog man personality

Dog man has some sets of traits that he holds high to himself. Dog man is trustworthy and dependable. They strive to stick to people close to them in both good and bad times. Many people look up to them to give a helping hand and they always find pleasure in helping people. In addition, they are innocent, good-looking, and intelligent. They will always condemn unfairness done to people. With their integrity and honesty, they can easily convince people to do things their way. Dog man is faithful in their romantic relationships. They don’t believe in betraying someone or acting to other people’s disadvantage.

Dog Chinese zodiac compatibility

Just like other animals, Dog people have unique characteristics that will help them to be compatible with animals. Dog compatibility works on the principle, that only those that match their characteristics have good compatibility with them.

What animal is compatible with the Dog?

Rabbits, monkeys, tigers, and horses are the best compatible animals for the Dog. To begin with, rabbits are the best match for the Dog. Dogs are attracted by the rabbits, simply because the rabbits are most of the time gentle and considerate. When compared with the dog, the rabbits are more detailed. Dogs and rabbits complement each other and can make up a great family. They are compatible with the tiger since the tiger is courageous and often offers protection and is willing to take risks.

Dog in love Chinese zodiac

When it comes to love, Dog people present with being sincere. They are strong believers that love equals dedication. When you are sincere, you are in a better position to win over your love. Dog people pride themselves on being loyal in a romantic relationship. Additionally, Dog people can decide to love someone judging by their first impression. They are often sincere in love but score little when it comes to expressing their love to someone, and may want to keep it to themselves.

Fire Dog Chinese zodiac

1946 and 2006 account for Fire Dog years. In terms of personality, people born in the Dog years are generous, faithful, and loyal. They tend to be a little introverted and timid. Nevertheless, they tend to be warm-hearted and upright, enabling them to make true friends in life. In their career, they are not suitable to work where there is too much competition. Their hard work makes them save a lot of money. However, dogs with fire are not good at expressing their love, because they are very aggressive and direct.

Wood Dog Chinese zodiac

They are represented in the years 1934 and 1994. Wood Dogs have stable characters, are kind, and friendly added to their personality basket. Their eloquence and wisdom stand them out as good leaders. When it comes to careers, they are very persistent with their goals. In relationships, they are straightforward and faithful.

Water Dog Chinese zodiac

Water Dogs constitutes of years 1922 and 1982. Water Dog people are responsible and outgoing. They are optimistic and aspiring whenever they are faced with challenges. Moreover, they are very open-minded and conservative when it comes to careers. In adulthood, they are hard workers, but their income gets used up more quickly. However, when they fall in love, they will devote themselves to the relationship.

Golden Dog Chinese zodiac

The years of the Golden Dog Chinese zodiac are 1970 and 2030. People with the gold element are conservative, straightforward, and realistic in life. In addition to that, they are independent in their careers. Golden dog people are very attractive to the opposite sex.

Earth Dog Chinese zodiac

1958 and 2018 are the years in the Earth dog Chinese zodiac element. The Earth Dog people are patient, broad-minded, industrious, modest, and generous. They pay less regard to the authorities since they are not afraid. They are always faithful in every relationship they establish.


In summary, the Dog represents people who are very loyal, honest, prudent, and cautious in life. Dog people have immersed themselves in personalities that attract people to them. Dog women are very sympathetic while the man Dog is trustworthy. Rabbit, tiger, monkey, and horse are the best match for the Dog. Additionally, they have their own love life. The dog in Chinese zodiac brings out the unique and enriching personalities of people.

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