What Does Sheep Mean In Chinese Zodiac?

The sheep is placed eighth according to the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. The sheep represents a certain year. In China, the sheep are believed to represent prosperity and peace. Sheep people are artistic, creative, and soft. However, people born in this year can turn out to be annoying simply because they like to whine. On the flip side, they are great people to work with.

The sheep in Chinese zodiac are represented by years that include 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, and 2027. This article tends to explain more about the personalities of both men and women in the sheep Chinese zodiac. We will explore their compatibility, find out what animal is compactible to the sheep, the sheep in love, as well as know the Chinese zodiac fire, wood, water, golden, and earth sheep.

Sheep Chinese Zodiac personality

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In the world, every single person has distinctive traits. Similarly, sheep’s Chinese zodiac has its characteristics and qualities that make up their personality. As mentioned earlier, people born in the year of the sheep are believed to be considerate and gentle. They are the kind of people that are ready to sacrifice most of their interests for the sake of others. Additionally, they are good communicators and make people feel they are dependable. Although, the sheep people’s personality is distinctive to them. Men and women have unique personalities.

          sheep woman personality

A sheep woman has inclined herself to be a person who is enthusiastic about fashion. They love to dress well and they take a considerable amount of precision to achieve this. They spend much of their time on makeup which always makes them look younger. Their character is coupled up with freedom factors, however, a considerable number are generous. A sheep woman is always mindful of their environment. If a woman of the sheep does not like you, they will gently let you know, without making you feel embarrassed.  Again, if they like you, they will be hesitant to let you know directly. For anyone wanting to get a sheep woman’s love, you need to have wisdom and patience to win her over.

          Sheep man personality

The sheep man places great admiration on love, friends, and family. They find it important when family and friends are concerned about him. The sheepman identifies himself as kind, gentle, courtly, and having a broad mind. They are affectionate about small animals, nature, and children as well.  A sheepman likes to interact with people in a friendly manner, whenever they go. They are willing to help those who are in need.  A sheep man loves a relaxed workplace. And only engages in work that magnates his interests, at the same time places a low value on a work environment that has strict standards.  A sheep man is always a pessimist, and they always strive to get more support and attention.

Sheep Chinese zodiac compatibility

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a sheep Chinese zodiac is compatible with several animals. Just like any other person, they can be incompatible with other Chinese zodiac animals as well.

what animal is compatible with the sheep

Rabbit, Horse, and pig score highly for being the sheep’s best matches. To start with, sheep and rabbits are both mild. Wherever they are, the place will experience some degree of peace, since they are more helpful in tough situations. Concerning horses, the sheep can be directed by the horse people to get a positive attitude since the horse people are optimistic thinkers. For them to identify with the pig people, the sheep exercises its creativity with ease. This enables them to be good partners more so in a work area environment. Other animals compatible with the sheep include; Snake, Monkey, Tiger, and Rooster.

Sheep in love Chinese zodiac

A sheep in love has a great destiny and will strive to love with great respect, have harmonious families, and have good luck. It is very easy to get the attention of the opposite sex if you have an attractive appearance. For this reason, they love to get to know the characteristics of other people when they are in love with them. A male sheep in love will at all times make their companion feel comfortable, and are always creative on how to treat their partners. A female born in the year of the sheep is known to be caring and values their partner most.

Fire sheep Chinese zodiac

Fire sheep are represented by the years 1907 and 1967. They are decisive, upright, honest, and frank. But they can be reckless and rebellious too in terms of personality. Their love life is rich, with pleasant relationships. Their emotional stubborn nature makes them hard to cooperate with others, especially in business. Nonetheless, they make good business advisors when they grow old.

Wood sheep Chinese zodiac

1955 and 2015 represent wood sheep years. Sheep people in these years are very outspoken, tender, polite, and outgoing. They are fond of being independent. They are hard workers, but they tend to be jealous when in a relationship.

Water sheep Chinese zodiac

They are represented by the years 1943 and 2003. They have the personality of being friendly, diligent, careful, responsible, and prudent. They can be introverts, sensitive and emotional when in a romantic relationship.

Golden sheep Chinese zodiac

People in golden sheep account for the years 1931 and 1991. They tend to be ambitious, responsible, and kind-hearted. Apart from that, they can be stubborn, something that can make them suffer financial losses.

Earth sheep Chinese zodiac

1919 and 1979 have been highlighted as the Earth Sheep years. Earth sheep are high thinkers, learners, and very outspoken. They are always faithful, making their marriages have peace. However, they tend to have fluctuating wealth in their life.


Sheep in Chinese zodiac rank position Eight of the animals in Chinese zodiac, and sheep represent soft, polite, and artistic people. The men and women in this category have unique personalities with men placing admiration on family and friends while women value fashion and their environment. Sheep are highly compatible with rabbits, horses, and pigs. Besides that, they are active in romantic relationships. It is now clear that the sheep Chinese zodiac is very interesting. You can now evaluate yourself and see if you can identify with the sheep.

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