What is the Rooster in Chinese zodiac?

In ancient times, there was no alarm clock as compared to now. It is during those days that rooster played a crucial role in waking up people. Rooster ranks position ten in the Chinese zodiac signs. The ancient people believed that the rooster crow and blood can cast out evil spirits. People born in this year are known to be punctual.

Some of the years identified with the Rooster are; 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029. If you happen to be born in one of those years then you belong to Rooster Chinese zodiac sign. This article will primarily focus on Rooster Chinese personality of both the woman and the man. It will also navigate the combability of the rooster to other animals, find out the love life of the rooster, and lastly, explore the five elements of a Rooster, including fire, wood, water, golden

Rooster Chinese zodiac personality

People with Rooster Chinese zodiac signs have a good ability to make friends. They, most of the time find a way to adapt to a new environment without a struggle. Rooster people are known to be fighters and are not fond of giving up when presented with a difficult situation. They strive to solve every problem that comes their way. By them wanting to be on top of things, they always find a way to improve themselves. However, sometimes rooster people can be impatient and arrogant. Because of these traits, they make people around them feel uncomfortable.

 Rooster woman personality

Like, any other woman in the Chinese zodiac sign, Rooster woman presents with a distinctive personality. A Rooster woman can get along with others very well. They are also generous and considerate, and they are always ready to help anyone in need. Moreover, Rooster women have a strong sense of judgment a trait that enables them to cope very well in troubling situations. Verbally, Rooster women are careless, which makes people around them feel uncomfortable. Despite most of them attracting potential suitors, Rooster women are very choosy, leading to most of them being single. Additionally, they give more attention to their careers and they like efficiency in their work.

Rooster man personality

The Rooster man possesses an organized mind, is very intelligent, and thinks differently from other people. this character has made people of lower thinking capacity misunderstand them. Rooster man is obsessed with his interests and forgets about other people. A Rooster man loves to judge the character of people around him. Besides, the Rooster man can immediately find a partner, because they are adventurous. However, they only like a partner that is attractive and at the same time competitive. They are loved by women who are consistent and have an active life.

Rooster Chinese zodiac compatibility

The Chinese culture argues that the stability of a relationship will depend on the couple’s zodiacs.

What animal is compatible with the rooster

Ox and snakes prove to be the best matches for Rooster. People who are born the same as Rooster like the ox and snakes will have stable, loving relationships. Rooster is not able to compromise first when there is a fight. It will take the intervention of an ox or snake to solve any problem at hand. Importantly, relationships arising from these animals do not shade off quickly. This is because each party is devoted to the other. Roosters and Snake’s relationship builds an amazing family, whereby their children will receive support from them.

Rooster in love Chinese zodiac

Whenever Rooster is in love, they tend to pursue relationships that will last long. The majority of people born in the year of Rooster have sweet marriages. This is a result of them having a proper way of communicating with their partners. They place a high degree of attention on personal grooming. This feature has made most people of the opposite sex get attracted to them. Love is equally important Roosters; they only start relationship with people with a lot of caution. Finally, when they start a relationship, they attempt to be loyal and committed.

Fire Rooster Chinese zodiac

1957 and 2017 highlight the Fire Rooster zodiac years. Fire Rooster people tend to pay more attention to their privacy. They identify with being proud, independent, and outspoken. The fact they are decisive and clever, they are always flourishing in their careers. They are fascinated by competitions, and will always strive to win. They have good romantic relationships.

Wood Rooster Chinese zodiac

The years 1945 and 2005 represent the wood Rooster years. People born in these years are careful, easygoing, and thoughtful in life. They are very ambitious and will always try to improve their present situation. Most of the people in this element have inadequate confidence to work independently. In relationships, they remain sensitive to love. Additionally, some are not able to sustain a long romantic relationship.

Water rooster Chinese zodiac

1933 and 1993 represent the Water Rooster Chinese zodiac years. Rooster people in these years have two personalities: they can be active and dynamic and sometimes they are quiet and peaceful. Their career depends on their attitude. They know about making money. They score less when it comes to expressing themselves. They are attracted by the affection they receive from other people. however, they find it difficult to get out of a failed intimate relationship.

Golden Rooster Chinese zodiac

They are identified by the years 1921 and 1981. Golden Roosters are very determined. Most often they go for what makes them happy. Moreover, they are very hardworking and brave. They can face any difficulties in their way. In addition, they can identify right from wrong.

Earth Rooster Chinese zodiac

People in Earth Rooster Chinese zodiac are attached to the years 1909 and 1969. They are always dynamic and active. Besides, they are persistent, calm, steadfast, and motivated. They win other people’s hearts since they are very reliable. They like to save their money more rather than invest. When they are in love, they devote themselves to the relationship.


In the Chinese zodiac signs, Rooster falls in the tenth position. The Rooster highlights people who are, punctual, can make friends easily, and are very adaptive to new environments. In terms of personality, female Rooster are generous and considerate while the males are intelligent and organized. Rooster’s best matches are ox and snakes. In addition, they tend to pursue long-lasting relationships. Finally, those that are unsure of their personality and were born in the Rooster Chinese zodiac years are now informed of their personality.

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