What does the rat mean in Chinese zodiac?

Choosing a partner can be a big headache. This includes all manner of partners be it romantic, business or even just accomplices. It is prudent that someone understands themselves first before they attempt to understand others. The Chinese zodiac theory gives a good personality trait assessment tool that can help the modern generation avoid personality related with lovers, friends or even business partners. The zodiac consists of twelve animals arranged in a wheel. They include rat, ox, horse, monkey, goat, dog, snake, rabbit, tiger and pig. They are further described according to the elements of fire, water, earth, wood and gold(metal). Let us dwell on the rat.

What is the rat in Chinese zodiac?

chinese zodiac rat symbol

The rat is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac. It is associated with the first of the Twelve Terrestrial branches and is portrayed as an emblem of meanness and timidity. The rodent rats are usually known to proliferate and produce a lot of offspring, so its not surprising that according to the Chinese zodiac theory, the rat represents wealth, fertility and reproduction. The years of the rat are 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 and 2020.

Who are rats in Chinese zodiac?

Born under the sign of charm, the rat is very popular and loved by people. In a group, his opinion matters a lot and is most likely to carry the day. The rat does not miss parties, may be described as the life of party. Away from that social life, the rat is full of intelligence with deep understanding of the human nature. They do well in counseling and motivational talks as their opinions are always sought.

The rat is ambitious and will always works hard and works smart because of the intelligence he/she possess and achieve their goals out of determination. They are talkative, funny and make friends, even new ones very easily and first.

Rats’ Chinese zodiac personality

Rat people are generally smart, quick-witted and resourceful and are able to identify and seize any available opportunities. They however lack courage.

          Rats’ woman personality

Rat women are the typical traditional women who keep their things organize and value their family. They take responsibility of everything whether at home or away.

          Rats’ man personality

They are suitable for leadership positions given their ability of creative thinking and identifying available opportunities. They adapt quickly to a new environment and make new friends with ease.

Rat Chinese zodiac compatibility

The rat is most compatible with the ox, monkey and dragon but completely incompatible with the horse, goat and the rabbit.

What animal is compatible with the rat 

rat statue

Rat is most compatible with Ox. Their water/earth align and so they complement each other in life. Their cooperation is evident in how they are able to succeed together. Dragon is also compatible and understand each other well with the rat. Monkeys also get along well with rats and if married, live a very happy marriage full of love.

Rat in love Chinese zodiac

People born in the year of the Rat are usually lucky with matters love. They appeal much to the members of the opposite sex with their kindness and honesty. They regard the sense of security as the most important aspect of a relationship. The people with rat personality love deeply in a strong way, especially at the beginning. They love attention from their lovers and require continuous reassurances. When the hot love cools, they start becoming sensitive and over suspicious in a way that they may overthink situations and lose themselves. Rat people have a great awareness of their environment and are thus able to tell when there is a development in terms of the effort that the partner puts on the relationship.

They tend to pursue to love in its ideal form and may sometimes get really disappointed because no relationship can be perfect and completely void of inconsistencies. People of rat love can have a perfect long-distance relationship as they are fond of trusting their partners.

The best way to make a rat person fall in love with you is to ensure that you look elegant, clean and decent all the time while improving your self as a person.

Fire rat Chinese zodiac

Rat sign people are strong and brave with a capability and great resolve to overcome any danger that life throws at them. They are friendly and social but strict with themselves. They talk a lot and may often offend others while at it. People from the rat sign can keep quiet sometimes, but when an opportunity presents itself for them to speak, they say everything they know without fear or favor. Some famous people in the trat sign include Pope Francis and Robert Redford, both born in 1936.

Wood rat Chinese zodiac

People born in a rat year corresponding to wood have bittersweet experiences. They start off at childhood as miserable but grow to be leisurely and independent at middle age.

Water rat Chinese zodiac

The water rats show shrewdness and conservativeness. The males show great talents and abilities in their youth, they achieve much at middle age and when they grow old, enjoy peaceful and prosperous life. The women in this category are always loose tongued and easily get into trouble.

Gold rat Chinese zodiac

The gold rat people are hot -tempered and jealous. They are very close with their parents, siblings and children. Their talents propel them to great heights.

They are self-aware and very sensitive to the world. They however have unbalanced state of affections.

They love other people’s attention and often do anything to find it.

Earth rat Chinese zodiac

The people born in the year of the rat are humble, honest, flexible and modest. They foster good relationships with people at work and are always able to solicit support.


Rat Chinese zodiac sign describes a personality that is down to earth, talkative, social, friendly, ambitious and most times hardworking. These rat people excel in leadership positions because of the great relationships they have with people. They take advantage of opportunities with their smartness and achieve their goal. They are compatible with the ox majorly because of the alignment in their earth and water elements. This combination succeeds together because of cooperation that they put in place.

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