What Does the Tiger Mean in the Chinese Zodiac?

The Chinese zodiac features a twelve-year cycle based on the lunar calendar. The lunar year begins on February first and ends in January. The symbols are assigned as animals, each representing its natural attributes. The luckiest and most coveted signs are the dragon, rats, pig, snake, and tiger. The tiger is an animal revered for its power and fiery. It features in the Chinese zodiac as the third in rank.

What is the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac?

chinese zodiac tiger symbol

The tiger is believed to be the king of all beasts in the Chinese zodiac. This is mostly attributed to the wild tiger found in the jungle. The tiger represents courage, strength, and bravery in the Chinese zodiac.  People born in this year are believed to possess leadership skills and assertiveness. The tiger is ranked as one of the most envied zodiac signs in the Chinese zodiac.

Initially, the zodiac was represented by the lion. It was later changed to the tiger. People born in the year of the tiger are known as Tigers in China. As the legend narrates, the tiger is summoned by the Jade Emperor, the heavenly ruler to cast out evil.

What does the tiger symbolize in the Chinese Zodiac?

The symbol of the tiger represents bravery and strength. A tiger has great insight and it’s a daredevil. The symbol in the zodiac means exorcising evil, bravery, and strength. Today, children in China wear hats with the symbol of the tiger for good luck and protection.

In ancient China, the emperor Qinshihuang was born in the year of the tiger. Other notable leaders were also born in the year of the tiger. The emperor was known for his bravery, sharp instincts, and competitiveness. The tiger sign is a symbol of resilience, might, dominance, and leadership.

Who are tigers in the Chinese Zodiac?

Tigers are all people born in the year of the tiger. The Chinese people refer to these people as tigers and are believed to have leadership skills, bravery, and assertiveness. Tigers are daring fighters and territorial. The strength of the tiger is manifested in times of struggle and persecution. The tigers are encouraged to step up and demonstrate their courage. Their strength lies within and asked to push themselves beyond their limits. They are viewed as people of hope and great strength. The tiger is considered the guardian. This characteristic is derived from the legend of the jade emperor.

What Years are the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac?

The year of the tiger comes every twelve years. The year 2022 is the current year of the tiger. All people born in this year will be known as tigers. The years of the tiger are 1914, 1926,1938, 1950, 1962,1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, and the next is 1934.

These years are believed to bring hope and good luck. As one scholar of the zodiac stated, the year 2022 brings hope after a horrible pandemic. The year 2022 is known as the year of the water tiger.  Those born in these years are encouraged to pursue their interests and explore various opportunities in their zodiac birthday year as it is believed to increase their luck.

Tiger Chinese Zodiac Personality

The Tigers are said to have distinct personality traits. These traits are further disintegrated into gender-based roles.

Tiger woman personality traits

The tiger woman was born in the years listed as tiger years in the Chinese zodiac calendar. Tiger women are believed to be full of joy. They are weighed down by depressed or tired personalities. They are full of energy and life. This female is described as a passionate tigress. She is full of power and independence. Her partners need to match in strength and personality. The tiger woman is believed to possess a magnetic and seductive aura. She commands respect and leadership in her life.

Tiger man personality traits

The tiger man is the epitome of dominance. He is strong-willed and confident. They possess an image of authority and supremacy. The tiger male is not easily swayed by opinions. Once the tiger makes up his mind, his decision is unlikely to change. They emanate a demeanor of royalty and prestige. The male tiger is very attractive and family-oriented. This is attributed to the possessive nature of the animal tiger.

Tiger Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

tiger in chinese culture

The tiger’s outgoing and intense personality requires compatibility with signs that can keep up.

What animals are compatible with the tiger?

The most compatible signs are:

Tiger in Love Chinese Zodiac

The above-named animals are compatible both for friendships and love. The tiger is advised to keep off the ox. The personality of the dog, horse, pig, and dragon are compatible in all aspects. They all possess a positive outlook on life and have intense energy.

Fire Tiger Chinese Zodiac

The year of the fire tiger is 1986. The fire year began on February 9th to January 28th. The fire tiger is optimistic and independent.

Wood Tiger Chinese Zodiac

The wood tiger comes once in 60 years. The years of the wood tiger are 1914 and 1974. The wood tigers have high self-esteem, are independent, and are strong. These tigers are also loyal and kind.

Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac

The water tiger years are 1962 and 2022. It is estimated that this year is celebrated by around 2 Billion people, mostly in Asia. The water tigers are aggressive, brave, and energetic. The water tigers are believed to bring hope and calmness after turbulence.

Golden Tiger Chinese Zodiac

The years of the golden tiger were 1950 and 2010. It began from February 14th to February 2nd. The golden tiger is also called the metal tiger. The Tigers of this year are harmonious and quiet. They are family-oriented and passionate. The tigers are aggressive and active.

Earth Tiger Chinese Zodiac

The years of the earth tiger are 1938 and 1998. People born in this year have the following traits:

  • Ambitious
  • Kind
  • Selfless
  • Generous
  • Grateful

They are associated with the five elements of the earth sign.


The mythology of the Chinese zodiac has spread to other cultures in recent times. Many people read their star signs and zodiac years and make decisions based on the superstitions surrounding these signs.

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