Lin’an Water Dragon: A Detailed Introduction

The Lin’an Water Dragon is a unique dragon dance performance originating from the Lin’an region of Hangzhou. Influenced by local history and culture, it features “water” as its core element and vividly showcases the agility and power of the dragon through its 50-meter-long body. The performance includes several segments, such as “Dragon Emergence from Water”

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Lin’an Root Carving: A Unique Traditional Art Form

Lin’an root carving, a distinctive traditional art form, originates from Lin’an in Zhejiang province. This art form utilizes the natural shapes of tree roots and, through the clever designs and exquisite craftsmanship of artists, transforms them into unique and intricate artworks. With a long history, Lin’an root carving features special and precious materials, combining natural

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Lin’an Pengzu Health Culture

Traditional Chinese medicine culture (Pengzu Health Culture) is a culture centered around Pengzu’s unique techniques in guiding qi, regulating and nourishing therapy, chamber health, and dietary health. The teachings and health techniques of Pengzu have had a significant and long-lasting influence. Throughout the ages, the works of Daoist or medical literature have sporadically preserved Pengzu’s

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Reed flowers, also called Tongcaohua,meticulously crafted from reed (Phragmites australis) material, have been beloved for their unique charm and exquisite craftsmanship since ancient times. In ancient texts, we can find records of reed flowers. The renowned poet Su Shi of the Song Dynasty, in his work “Comparison of Four Flowers,” compared reed flowers with several

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