What is the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac?

A snake is mysterious, intuitive, and reticent.  In many cultures, it is associated with bad luck and evil. However, the Chinese revere this animal for its skill and wisdom. This animal is highly regarded to the extent of being included in the Chinese lunar calendar. Like other zodiac animals, the snake year occurs every twelve years. In the same circle lie the five elements assigned to every symbol: fire, wood, water, golden (metal), and earth.

What is the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac?

The snake falls at number six in the Chinese lunar chart. Various legends have tried to explain the numerical value of the animal. The most common legend goes like this; there was a race held for twelve animals symbolized in the zodiac. The animals prepared for the race and did everything they could to win. The snake, however, knew that it was slow and somehow needed to compensate for its slow speed.

The witty animal hid in the horse’s hoof, and off the race began. When the horse was about to touch the finish line, the cunning snake jumped out and came in sixth, explaining the number value in the calendar. The animal’s year is represented by the terrestrial branch symbol, an ancient Chinese traditional horoscope.

What year is the snake in Chinese zodiac?

The years of the snake are 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, and 2025 respectively. These years are believed to produce wisdom and intelligence. The snake year is also believed to be the unluckiest in the lunar cycle. It is comprised of disasters and failure according to the Chinese traditions. The next cycle is expected to begin in January 2025 and end in February 2026.

Snake Chinese Zodiac Personality

 People born in the years listed above are called snakes. In some cultures, this could come off as offensive. In Chinese customs, it is typical to hear people asking others born in the snake years what type of snake they are. They simply want to know which element of the snake one belongs to. According to the Chinese Zodiac, people exhibit traits based on the animal assigned to their year of birth. The traits are then categorized on a gender basis.

Snake Woman Personality

Who is a snake woman?  She is a female born in the years of the snake listed above. According to the zodiac, this female is poised and oozes much confidence. She comes across as idle but is a smart worker. The snake woman is delicate, charming, and serene. She prefers to work alone as she is reserved.

Snake Man Personality

The snake men are males born in the snake years. They seem nonchalant at first, but they are resourceful and hawk-eyed. They emanate a calm demeanor with much grace and elegance. The snake gentlemen are silent, and composed, but calculative in every move. They are responsible and focused in life. These males are known to hate interruption and prefer order. They are calm leaders who rule by wit.

Snake Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

What Animal is Compatible with the Snake?

According to the Chinese zodiac, animals cannot freely mingle without checking their compatibility. It is believed that some animal interactions are recipes for disaster. The snake zodiac is most compatible with the dragon and rooster zodiacs. They also get along with the rat, horse, ox, and dog. The dragon and the snake are very smart. This duo is magnificent in careers and business. The rooster is ambitious, and it pairs perfectly at work and business.

The snake is advised to avoid the tiger, rabbit, and other snakes. The tiger is skeptical and keeps many secrets. Tiger and snake relationships are bound to fail. The rabbit is to be avoided at all costs as the duo barely agrees on issues.  A snake and another snake should steer clear of each other. These two will exhibit extreme egoism, leading to failed relationships.

Snake in Love Chinese Zodiac

Are snakes great when it comes to matters of the heart?  Yes, they are, especially when in love with compatible mates. The snake and the rooster make a wonderful couple. The rooster is status-oriented, and this trait is fulfilled by the stylishness of the snake. Their nonchalant characteristics keep potential partners away, but those who bet close enough find them passionate and great lovers.

Fire Snake Chinese Zodiac

Fire is one of the five elements of the snake zodiac. The years of the fire snake are 1917, 1977, and 2037. These years are symbolized with a magnificent display of a snake covered in fire. The fire snakes possess great strength and ego. At first sight, they are mistaken to be silent charmers but when unveiled, they are brilliant and outgoing. People in this zodiac always look half their age.

Wood Snake Chinese Zodiac

The wood snake is refined, cultured, and has taste for the finer things in life. This snake is active and sociable. The years of the wood element are 1965 and 2025. This element is orderly and highly intelligent. The wood snake zodiac easily forms lasting friendships with people of various backgrounds.

Water Snake Chinese Zodiac

The years of the water snake are 1953 and 2013. The water elements are open-minded and lively. They display unmatched wisdom and calmness. The water snakes are easily adaptable and can survive in all circumstances.

Golden Snake Chinese Zodiac

The golden snake is also referred to as the metal snake. The years of the golden element are 1941 and 2001. The next generation of metal snakes will be in 2061. The golden snake exhibits great ability in life. It also exhibits courage, determination, and self-respect. The people of the golden snake are deep-thinkers and often successful in careers.

Earth Snake Chinese Zodiac

The year of the snake is 1929 and 1989. The earth snakes are animal-lovers, compassionate, smart, and diligent. They are goal-oriented and succeed easily. These snakes enjoy peace but can be moderately sociable.


The snake is assigned the late morning hours from 9-11 AM. Although it is fated to be unlucky, the snake people can, and have succeeded tremendously due to their exemplary traits as demonstrated above. Some of the world’s renowned snake women and men include Demi Moore, Daniel Radcliffe, and Shakira.

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