1314 And 520 Meaning in China(Love Numbers Code)

Chinese numerology is an important part of Chinese traditions, but some of the numbers associated with the Chinese culture are believed to be more important and auspicious than others.

In this article, we look at two of the most popular numbers in Chinese numerology – 1314 and 520 – what they mean and why you should pay attention to them. So, the next time you see these numbers, you will know exactly what they mean and where/ why they are used.

What does 1314 mean in Chinese?

1314 is a numeronym, which can be defined as numbers that are used for the abbreviation of the long words, which would otherwise be too cumbersome to be typed out accurately. One of these numbers is 1314.

1314 directly translates to throughout one’s life, and when used in combination with 520, you have 5201314, which means I Love You Forever.  1314 also means forever, and it’s often preceded with the phrase ‘ I Love You’ or something along the same lines. In other cases, the number 1314 also stands for ‘One Life, One World.’

What does 520 mean in Chinese?

 520 is another common number in Chinese numerology, and it’s one of the numbers that means I Love You.

What you may not know, however, is that the number 520 is derived from numbers 5 and 20, which are dates/ months. 20 matches the 20th day of the month of May, a very special day in the Chinese calendar as it is the day that celebrates love. In other words, the 20th of May in the Chinese day for Valentine’s Day. On this lovely day, couples would, therefore, go on dates together.

How then did the Chinese day of the month the same as Chinese Love saying I Love You?

Well, speaking of one of the most importer events around the world, settling on 520 to denote I Love You has everything to do with how it sounds – it is pronounced as 5.2.0. Although they don’t sound the same, the slang for 520 means I Love You in Chinese, the same way as ILY. The number is now associated with the date May 20th,  the most romantic day in the Chinese calendar.

Why do the Chinese Love numbers?

Besides the Chinese attributing the number 520 to the world’s most romantic day, the Chinese use a lot of numbers because of the strong beliefs that the numbers have and the fact that the Chinese consider the numbers lucky and rather auspicious. Other numbers are inauspicious too, but there are several numbers that have secret meanings in Chinese.

Back to 520, this is the number that you use to mean I Love You. 520 is Chinese for wǒ ài nǐ, and it is the number that signifies love – it is the kind of number that you use to tell your loved one how you mean about them. Just make sure that when you do use or say the numbers, you actually pronounce them correctly – each number is to be pronounced individually. Essentially, saying 5 and 20 rather than 5. 2. 0 does not mean the same. This also applies to 250, which actually means stupid. So, if you are to send the message, I Love You to your partner. 520 is pronounced as wǔ èr líng, and it means I Love You.

Besides representing three of the most important words in our lives today, the number 520 plays a significant role in Chinese culture because it is the day that most young lovers would register their marriage certificates. As a result and throughout Chinese Cities, most of the government offices are quite busy on May 20tu as young couples get hitched on this day. These are just some of the meanings of the number 520. The other meanings associated with the number 520 include:

  • The Straight up to a point – I am into you.
  • The heart-stopping revelation of your feelings to your crush
  • And lastly, the adorable expression of your love for your person – saying, you’re my treasure.
  • It’s also a confession of the depth of someone’s love for you.

That said, you may be wondering why numbers seem to be a big deal in China and to the Chinese people. Well, the reason why numbers and numerology play a huge role in Chinese societies has to do with the fact that some numbers are considered lucky numbers and others unlucky – just as depicted in movies. For the Chinese, the pronunciations for the lucky numbers is similar to the pronunciations for the words that mean lucky. The number 8, for example, is considered the luckiest number, while the number 4 is regarded as an unlucky number. This and the fact that Fengshui and the Chinese Zodiac signs dictate what different numbers mean or what they are associated with is the reason why numbers are such a huge deal in China.

Now, to communicate different messages, numbers are used in different combinations, which sometimes allow the use of traditionally unlucky numbers like the number 4 in a series with other numbers, allowing you to get a more meaningful significance from those numbers.

So, if you come about the numbers 520 and the numbers 1314, you know that they mean pretty much the same thing – I Love You, and I Love You Forever. The number you use between these two is dependent on the meaning you wish to convey.

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