What Does The Ox Mean In Chinese Zodiac?

Many people are approaching the age of choosing their life partners burn with passion and anxiety because in as much as marriage life is depicted as interesting and fun, it does not work perfectly for everyone. This is usually because of the incompatibility in personalities of the parties involved. The Chinese zodiac signs is a theory that has been used by many a people to help check what type of person they are and what type of person they would be compatible with. The Chinese zodiac signs are basically twelve animals including ox, monkey, goat, snake, rat, horse, tiger, rabbit, dragon, dog, rooster and pig. They are also associated with 5 elements of wood, gold, earth, fire and water and are used to describe personalities.

My interest in this article is on the ox.

What is ox in Chinese zodiac?

The ox, being the strongest animal among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs is known as the good helper. The ox is very handy and plays an integral part in the Chinese farming. According to the Chinese zodiac, the ox is a symbol of strength in how it can help plough the farm. It is also a symbol of diligence, humility persistence and wealth.

Year of the ox meaning

The year of the ox occurs after every 12 years. 2021 for instance is the year of ox and so was 2009,1997 and so shall 2033 be. You can observe there is a 12-year difference between them. The most significant years of the ox are 2033, 2021, 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949 and 1937.

Ox Chinese zodiac personality

According to the Chinese zodiac, the oxen are faithful, honest, loyal and trustworthy. They foster good working relationships with colleagues and friends. They may however be stubborn in circumstances that do not align with their will.

Ox woman personality

Ox woman personality represents the women in the traditional setup who were loyal to their husbands and to their duty as mothers. They had a great interest in their children’s education and supported them all the way. In the modern world, this the ideal wife material.

 Ox man personality

Ox man represents strong patriotism, desire for life’s success through work and responsibility to family. Just like the persistence and consistency depicted by the ox while ploughing, this type of man is self-driven and since he knows and understands his capabilities, he puts in place sufficient effort that helps him to pull through and achieve his goals. A man with this type of personality is bound for great success since he has a plan and executes it through detailed steps. Armed with faith and sufficient works, failure is not an option to in an ox man’s mind.

Ox Chinese zodiac compatibility

The oxen can tolerate people with rats, snakes and rooster personalities according to the Zodiac signs compatibility rule. They however cannot be compatible with those with tiger, dragon, sheep and horse personalities.

What animal is compatible with the ox?

The rat is the most compatible to the ox in the Chinese zodiac since their Earth/ Water signs align. They complement each other’s lives. They have cooperation and are willing to share family responsibilities and this enhances their bond a great deal.

Ox in love Chinese zodiac

ox element chinese zodiac

A male ox in love has a desire for a long-lasting love. They are keen on details and are sometimes very possessive of their lovers. They burn with suspicion and interrogates their girlfriend’s so deeply in an instance of the slightest doubt in their mind. This may quite irritate the girlfriends and they are labeled insecure, but this only usually means they are deeply in the relationship and wants it to work, so they have high expectations from the girlfriend. In marriage they make the ideal, tender husband.

A female ox in love is committed, loyal and very faithful in their boyfriend or husband. They commit and never make regret their decision even when someone better shows up.

Fire ox Chinese zodiac

Fire Ox personality describes people with hot tempers and self-centered in a way that they may find it difficult having some intimate friends. They easily get affected by people’s actions and words and this provokes them big time.

Water ox in Chinese zodiac

Unlike the fire ox, they are not hot tempered or high in emotions. Their thinking is right and they endure to take people’s burdens by finding a solution. They are sounded by love in their family so much that siblings and parents ask them to marry late. Water ox people are tough but sometimes mess up even though they have good intentions.

Wood ox Chinese zodiac

Wood ox is a personality trait of people with patience and endurance. They are self-sufficient and depend on themselves for motivation. They often succeed in their goals because of their confidence.

Golden ox Chinese zodiac

They nature good friendships with others and are thus highly respected. They are always busy and active. Riches follow the from young age and they enjoy a comfortable life in old age.

Earth ox Chinese zodiac

People with earth ox personality trait are fond of good luck. They are responsible, competent and industrious and this propels them much into favorable luck in their careers.


An ox is a desirable person to be or to have. Every woman I know wishes to end up with a man that is responsible enough to take care of her needs and that of their children, a man that is respected by everyone else in the society, a man who is loyal, trustworthy, caring and genuine about his intentions. Every man wants a lady that can be counted on for loyalty and absolute commitment. A couple that cooperates in their activities strengthens their bond. It is however certain that no one is perfect and that people can complement each other perfectly. I want an ox for myself.

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