What Is Chinese Plough?-Ancient Plow

Agriculture was a central practice among many communities in the past. To improve production, they invented different tools to aid them in covering the more extensive ground. In this article, we discuss the plough as designed by the Chinese. The Chinese used the plow to loosen and turn the soil before planting the seeds. They believed that this would help bring nutrients to the surface. But what did the Chinese plow look like, what were the types, and how was it used? Read on to learn this and more!

Ancient Chinese Plough

chinese plow
chinese plow

The earliest Chinese plough was made of wood. They identified a suitably shaped branch and fitted it with an ox horn. These ploughs could stir the soil enough to create a slight furrow where the seeds could be sown. Interestingly, these plows were drawn by women.

Types of Plough

The plow was a vital tool for the Chinese. Below are some of the plows they used;

· The Jiangdong Plough

It was a combination of a plow sole and handled, each made of individual pieces of wood. The sole, beam, brace, and handle were designed to form a quadrangular frame to which a plowshare and moldboard were attached. A short handle and a long sole characterized the plow. This type worked best in dense soil areas such as rice paddies.

· The Triangular- Frame Long Straight-Beam Plough

This plow was characterized by its lack of a sole. It featured form a triangular shape, and cattle pulled it. It could be used on dry and wetlands.

· The Non-Brace Long-Beam Plough

It did not have a brace. The beam was attached to a broadsheet that works as a moldboard. This plow could be used in dry-rocky areas.

· Triangular-Frame Curved-Beam Plough

One can quickly identify this type by its curved beam. The plow can be used in rice paddies and mountain fields.

· Quadrangular-Frame Long Straight-Beam Plough

It has a long brace, while the body and sole are made of similar material. The plough is designed to adjust the depth of the cut. A pair of cattle pull it. It is most suitable for dry land and rice fields.

How to Use Ancient Chinese Plough

To use the ancient Chinese plow, you need the means to drag it through a field. Cattle are used to provide the power to pull the plow. They are tied to the frame on the front while the plowman stays behind to steer them in the correct direction.

When the plow is dragged through the field, the shear cuts into the soil to form furrows. As the plow moves forward, the share and moldboard carry a rectangular strip of soil up and over. This process is repeated over and over to form several furrows across the field where the crop can be grown.

How to Make Ancient Chinese Plough

Chinese plough

Making the ancient Chinese plough is simple. Usually, it was made from wood. It is made by mounting a v-shaped iron piece on wooden blades with a frame and handle. The plow is pulled from the frame, and the plowman controls it by the handle while the iron cuts through the soil.


The plow was one of the greatest inventions in agricultural technology. It led to increased production, which in turn led to population growth. The Chinese were the earliest community to come up with the first model of a plough. Today, plows continue to be used in farms. The model is improved, with most being pulled by giant tractors.

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