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Have you ever heard of chicken-blood stone? If yes, then what is it? If not, then look forward to reading this article.

Chicken-blood stone is considered a lucky stone that can protect its owner. Chicken-blood stone is a Chinese traditional ornament material. We all have different beliefs and one of the Chinese beliefs is that the chicken blood stone is a protective stone.

What is the chicken-blood stone called?

chicken blood stone carving
chicken blood stone carving

The chicken-blood stone is named after its appearance. It is red. This influenced its name chicken-blood red because it has blood-red spots on it. The chicken blood can also be called Changhua and Balinyouqi stone because of its location. The synonym of chicken-blood red is Balin stone. This bloodstone is a mix of minerals used as a gem material and is believed to be extremely powerful.

The chicken stone has different colors combined in a unique kind. The colors are yellow, white, black, red, blue, gray, and green. It has a translucent body with the base rock having a yellow, white, or gray color. The base rock is called dong.

Chicken-blood stone meaning.

The chicken-blood stone is red. For some people red is love for others red is danger but for the Chinese red is good luck. Because of the red color that the chicken-blood stone has, they believe that it is their lucky stone. They also believe that the chicken-blood stone can protect them from all the evil that may be thrown at them. They also use this stone to do carvings and during sealing.

 It is made up of a smooth-grained mixture of quartz and diclite, with different amounts of red cinnabar. This bloodstone requires proper care for its high prices are based on its physical and art value. This is considered a powerful stone in china and is highly prized.

Types of chicken-blood stone.

chicken blood stone seal
chicken blood stone seal

The chicken blood stone does not have any type. It is only found in china and does not have any other chicken blood stone that may be characterized by it. However, the bloodstone can be in two forms. It can be in heliotrope and plasma. The heliotrope is more transparent with red spots and streaks while the plasma is more opaque and has very few or no red spots. The chicken-blood stone is therefore a heliotrope type because it has so many red spots and it is transparent. There is only one type of chicken-blood stone that is found in china. It is the only china gemstone that has been discovered.

Where to find chicken-blood stone.

The chicken blood stone is only located in two places in china. It is located in Changhua, Zhejiang province, and Balinyouqi, Inner Mongolia autonomous region in china. It is produced in these places as a mineral. It is highly valued in Chinese. But its value depends on the care given to it.


Chicken-blood stone is a Chinese lucky charm stone. It is red in color and only found in Changhua, Zhejiang province, and Balinyouqi, Inner Mongolia autonomous region in china. They believe that it can protect them from all the dangers brought to them.

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