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The mandarin duck is common in the Far East region of the world. It is commonly associated with love and companionship. This is because one male mandarin duck is known to only mate with one female mandarin duck till they die. This has been romanticized and included in folk stories as well as other art in China and Japan. This article explores where the mandarin duck comes from, what they look like, and what they represent.

What is the Chinese name for mandarin duck?

mandarin duck yuan yang

The Chinese name for the mandarin duck is Yuanyang. This is a combination of two names which are yuan and yang. Young is the Chinese name for male while yang is the Chinese name for a female. Since the mandarin duck is seen as a couple bird, these two names brought together then make the perfect name for this duck. As the name suggests, the duck represents love and conjugal affection between two people. Pictures of these ducks are often used in art meant to represent love in Chinese folk stories.

Where do mandarin ducks come from?

The mandarin ducks are originally from the East. In countries like Russia, China, Korea, and Japan, it is fairly easy to spot a mandarin duck. These regions have the climate and the ecosystem that allows the mandarin duck to thrive. Nonetheless, because of their beauty, people from other countries usually try to rear them. A good example is in the UK where several people have tried to keep them as pets because of how beautiful they are. Though they can be found in different places, the mandarin ducks are originally from the far East in countries like Japan and China. It is for this reason that most love stories in such countries are explained using these ducks that are found there naturally.

Where does the mandarin duck live?

The mandarin duck usually lives in wetlands. Any freshwater body can be a good breeding ground for mandarin ducks. A good example of such is a lake that is fresh water. They are often found in lakes that are in parks where they live with other animals that live in lakes. You can find them hiding under overhanging trees in these lakes. This is because the mandarin ducks are relatively shy. As such, they are not easy to sport. Mandarin ducks can also live in gardens when they are reared in urban environments. This is common in South East England and Scotland where there are numerous gardens.

What does a mandarin duck look like?

The female mandarin ducks usually have grey heads, with a white eye stripe and their backs are brown. They are smaller in size than the male mandarin ducks and they also look dull compared to the male mandarin ducks. The male mandarin ducks have orange feathers on their cheeks. They also have their tail feathers looking bright orange. The belly of the male mandarin ducks is white. They have a shade of purple and black near their chest. Their beaks are red and to top it all, they have a purple strip on top of their heads. In comparison, the male mandarin ducks are more beautiful than the female mandarin ducks. This may be for purposes of mating where the elaborate colors attract the female ducks.

How many types of mandarin ducks are there?

There is only one type of mandarin duck. The only difference between these types is gender. The male mandarin ducks are more colorful than the female mandarin. Both birds can reach a length of 21 – 24.5 cm and can be as heavy as 0.64 kgs. This single species of mandarin ducks are the only known species all over the world. It makes the ducks very unique.

What do mandarin ducks eat?

Mandarin ducks eat seeds, plants, insects, snails, and small fish. To get this diverse selection in their diet, these ducks feed from the water as well as from the solid ground. When on water, the mandarin ducks can dive as they are catching small fish which they eat. They are also able to patch which enables them to find seeds from high trees. The mandarin ducks also eat various plants where they pluck the leaves and eat. In some seasons like the winter season, the mandarin ducks can eat acorns as well as grains. When reared at home, most owners feed them with grains. On some occasions, they can also eat small snakes, worms, and frogs. This is a very rich diet for these ducks.

What do mandarin ducks symbolize?

mandarin duck chinese

The most common symbolism for mandarin ducks is love. All their lives, mandarin ducks usually move as male and female. One male duck travels with one female duck and they nest together. When the female lays eggs and they are hatched, the male comes again to protect the ducklings. This observation made the mandarin ducks the best symbol of love. The mandarin ducks are a worldwide symbol of love, but mostly, in the countries found in the East like China and Japan, they are a well-known symbol of love.

Mandarin duck symbolism and meaning?

Mandarin ducks symbolize faithfulness and affection. Faithfulness in a marital relationship is highly esteemed in all cultures in the world. The mandarin male ducks are known to remain with the same female duck until they die. This is the universal symbol of faithfulness. As such, they are used as a symbol of a faithful person. The mandarin ducks travel together at all times. They can be seen rubbing against each other when they are resting which is a very affectionate image. As a result, they are a symbol of affection across the world.

Mandarin ducks feng shui for love luck?

chinese yuan yang duck

Feng shui is a traditional practice among the Chinese where they harmonize individuals with the environment surrounding them. In this practice, many native Chinese people participate in it in the belief that they will get lucky in one way or another. One part of this tradition is the placement of the mandarin ducks. When one places the mandarin duck correctly, it is said that they have gained the luck of love. Those who practice this tradition can place these mandarin birds in specific places in their home with the belief that by placing them there, they will get lucky with their romantic relationships. For some they can place them in the bedroom, others in the southwest regions of their homes.

Mandarin duck symbolism?

Mandarin duck symbolism can be found in various motifs and artworks, especially in Asian culture. This kind of art can be found in paintings, embroidery, and other decorations. With these symbolisms, individuals claim to invite specific energies around them. Such energies are meant to bring good luck to the occupants of the homes where such art or decorations are found. One can even give a gift with mandarin duck symbolism as a way of wishing the people receiving the gifts good luck. Such gifts are given to children going to study abroad or soldiers going to battler.


The Mandarin duck has been romanticized and it is not in vain. They live in wetlands and are common in China, Japan, and Russia. They can also be found in town gardens. For the longest time, they have been the symbol for love and for loyalty. This symbolism has been around for long, and with this culture persisting, I do not see it changing any time soon.

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