What Does Red Mean In Chinese Culture?

The color red is the most important color for the Chinese people, which is essentially why the Chinese have a lot of red in their daily lives and homes, and also their festivities are full of the color red. So, what is the meaning of the color red to the Chinese people and in Chinese culture?

With a red flag, red doors, red lanterns, and red envelopes, among others, the color red is essential in Chinese culture, and the reason for this is that the color red is an auspicious and lucky color.

In terms of the five elements, the red color is associated with the red element, and it symbolizes success, happiness, good fortune, and success. And the most interesting thing about the color red is that its meaning has not changed through the years. However, it is easy to see that the color red is more prominent during big occasions and festivals, and even at weddings. For this reason, the wedding dresses worn in Chinese weddings are essentially red.

Red is, therefore, a joyous color, and it is considered inappropriate to wear red to a Chinese funeral.

Why Is Red A Lucky Colour In China?

Red is a lucky color because it relates to the energy and fire of the elements, and the color is not only a symbol of good luck but also a celebration, happiness, vitality, good fortune, as well as prosperity, and beauty.  

With the knowledge of the red envelopes that hold the 8 envelopes that were traditionally put under the pillows to keep children safe from the demon Sui, the color red is not just a lucky color, but it’s also believed to have the power to fight and ward off evil.

And with regards to the color red and its association with the fire element, the color is a symbol of the summer season.

The Chinese people also chose to decorate their kitchens with red elements because it would bring the household good luck.

Why Is Red China Important?

Along with the belief that the color red brings good luck, fortune, happiness, and all the good in life, red is important in China and to the Chinese because it is believed that the first emperor and founder of the Han Dynasty who ruled between 202 and 195BC were referred to as the son of the Son of the RED emperor. Since then, the color red has been honored and associated with privilege and authority.

Red is also China’s national color. This color symbolizes success, good fortune, happiness, and good luck. So, if you are traveling in China, you will notice that there is a lot of red all around.

The lanterns and flag are red, and because it is a powerful color, it makes sense that it is held in very high regard.

The red rows of Xi also represent happiness and good things.

Note that Red China refers to the communist-controlled region of China that existed between 1927 and 1949.

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