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The temple of Confucius is the largest and most popular temple of Confucius in the Eastern Asian Region. It was built in 478 BC. Two years after Confucius’s death, the Duke of Lu ordered the consecration of the building where Confucius lived. It is on this site that the temple stands. Confucians worship and make sacrifices for Confucius at the temple. Read on to learn more about the temple of Confucius!

What are Confucian temples called?

Kong Miao
Kong Miao

The Confucian temples are called Kong Miao in Chinese. They are popular for their large area, artistic value, and rich relic cultural collection. The Confucian temple in Qufu, Shandong Province, which consists of the Kong Miao (Temple of Confucius), the Kong Fu (Confucian Family Mansion), and the Kong Lin (Cemetery of Confucius), is said to be one of the holy locations in the world. You should also visit the Confucius Temples in Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing.   

What are Confucian temples used for?


The Confucian temples are used to venerate Confucius and philosophers and sages of Confucianism in the Chinese Popular Region and other Taoist religions. Sacrifices are offered to Confucius’s spirit in the temples, and the Eight-Row Dance is performed; eight columns of eight dancers each dance. Initially, it was a Six-Row Dance, mostly performed for the lesser aristocracy. However, in 1477 after wide consultation, Confucius was posthumously given the title of King and was granted the imperial honor of the Eight-Row Dance.

Apart from being used as places for the worship of Confucius, the Confucian temples also act as places where the Twelve Philosophers, Four Correlates, and other Confucian scholars and disciples are remembered and honored. The number of influential figures worshipped at these temples has grown and changed over time. Since the temples align themselves with Confucian Orthodoxy, an issue exists on which Confucians should be enshrined.

By the 20th century, there were about 162 influential Confucian figures worshipped. The 4 Correlates are Kong Ji, Zeng Shen, Mencius, and Yan Hui. The Twelve Philosophers Ran Geng, Min Sun, Ran Yong, Zi-gong, Zai Yu, Ran You, Zi-You, Zi-Lu, Zi-Xia, You Ruo, Zi-Zhang, and Zhu Xi.

Where is Confucianism Worshipped?

Apart from Mainland China, over time, Confucianism spread to other areas in the Eastern Asian Region. Confucianism is worshipped in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia; Confucian Temples are in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Some were even put up in the Americas and Europe. At their height, it is estimated that there were more than three thousand Confucian temples.

When was the temple of Confucius Built?

temple of confucius china

The Temple of Confucius Qufu, considered the home of Confucianism, was built on the site where Confucius’s house stood. Two years after his death, the Duke of Lu ordered that Confucius’s house be consecrated as a temple in 478 BC. Vandalism and fire destroyed the temple in 1214 during the reign of the Jin Dynasty. The temple was restored to its former glory in 1302 during Yuan Dynasty.

In 1331 the temple was enclosed with a wall. After another fire incident in 1499, it was restored to its current scale. In 1724 the main hall and its sculptures were destroyed by yet another fire. The restoration of the hall was completed in 1730. During the 1966 Cultural Revolution, many sculptures that had been made to replace those destroyed by fires were destroyed. Overall, the temple has undergone thirty-one large repairs and fifteen major renovations.

Why is the temple of Confucius Important?

The temple of Confucius is important because it is the home of Confucianism. It was built in remembrance and honor of Confucius, who is regarded as the master of oriental philosophy. He was a Chinese social philosopher and thinker whose philosophy and teachings have greatly influenced Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean thought and life.


The temple of Confucius is one of the most popular and important Confucian temples in China because it is the home of Confucianism. It was built on the site where Confucius’s house stood. Confucius is honored for his great influence on the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean people’s way of life and worldview. Currently, it is considered one of the holiest places in the world.

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