Who Is Zhu Bajie And What Did He Do?-Most Famous Pig In China

Controversy surrounds the real look of Zhu Bajie with the modern media portraying him as a lovely and friendly-looking pink pigman. Yet the novel portrays Zhu as a giant pig monster with a big mouth, protruding fangs, big fan-like ears, and a long snout. Zhu’s body has combined both man and animal features, he, therefore, has human hands and feet but with a pig’s tail. He has a hulking body with a scary black furry skin.

Who is Zhu Bajie?

Zhu Ganglie

According to historical records, Zhu Bajie was among the three helpers of Tang Sanzang and has been featured in the novel “Journey to the West” playing a major character. In the novel, he comes out as a troublesome and lazy individual who always gets his friends into trouble. His naughtiness is depicted when he lusts after women, he has an insatiable appetite for food and blatantly refuses to work hard. He also comes out as a very jealous individual and this is well portrayed when he dedicates his efforts to bringing down Sun Wukong.

How Strong Is Zhu Bajie?

Zhu Bajie was depicted as a very strong individual and in the story we are told that he once convinced the elder to marry his daughter promising that he could do large amounts of work as he was extremely strong. However, the request is denied once it becomes apparent that Zhu Bajie can indeed do a lot of work in the fields but he also eats a lot of food in the farm which leads him to creating losses instead of profits.

Zhu Bajie Weapon?

Zhu Bajie used the nine-toothed spike rake as his primary weapon.

Zhu Bajie Origin

Zhu Bajie originally existed in the heavens, he was a respected individual who held the title of Tianpeng Yuanshuai, he was the commander in chief manning up to 80,000 Heavenly Navy Soldiers. He however did not last long in this job as he was banished for misbehaving. According to historical records, Zhu Bajie attended a party that had been thrown for all the significant figures in heaven.

While at the party, Bajie was captivated by the beauty of the goddess of the moon just after laying his eyes on her for the first time. He then made unfruitful attempts to seduce the goddess while in a drunken state a thing that turned out badly for him. The goddess of the moon reported Zhu’s behavior to the Jade Emperor and which led to Zhu being banished to earth.

Some books reiterate that Zhu was banished to earth and would live 1000 lives. However, each of the 1000 lives would end in a love tragedy. And as he was being sent to earth he accidentally fell into a pig well and that is where he got the pig-like features. Zhu was, therefore, reborn as a man-eating pig monster. And was then named Zhu Ganglie, in English, the name is translated as the “strong manned pig.”

Now as fate would have it, Zhu Bajie suffered because of love, the strongly manned pig kidnapped the daughter of the Gao village elder and left behind a note demanding marriage.

Zhu Bajie and Chang E

Chang’e was a showgirl in the moon palace, and as the story goes Zhu Bajie lost his morals at one time after drinking. And went on to flirt with Chang’e and he kept pressurizing her to accompany him to rest. It is then believed that Zhu Bajie molested Chang’e. In other excerpts, it is believed that nothing happened between Zhu and Chang’e.

After it was discovered that Zhu Bajie molested Chang’e he faced the wrath of Jade the emperor after a meal and was thrown out into the mortal world. In the world, Zhu was accommodated by the girl who was the second sister egg.

What is the meaning of the name Zhu Bajie? 

Zhu- stands for swine while Bajie- means eight precepts or the eight commandments meant to remind Zhu of the Buddhist diet.

Did Zhu Bajie have some positive sides? 

Despite the many bad things that Zhu Bajie was associated with, he was soft-hearted.

While on the journey demons would change their appearance to that of kids or women in need of help, the trick was used in order to confuse them and eat master Tang Sanzang. Sun Wukong however, had the ability to detect demons, but Zhu persuaded his brother to release them instead of capturing and killing them. Zhu’s kindness did not bear any fruits instead it often caused trouble and led to problems.

Zhu Bajie was also respectful

zhu bajie cartoon

Zhu considered Sun Wukong as his brother, and this he did with awe and respect. Sun on the other hand never held Zhu in high regard, he instead made fun of him, and always had conflicts with Zhu. It is, however, believed that Zhu only had respect for Sun Wukong because he knew that he was a great fighter in his pre-existence.

Zhu Bajie was always optimistic 

As he goes on the journey, Zhu is constantly abducted by the demons, but this does not make him restless as he behaves like everything is normal even when the demons want to feed on him. His optimistic behavior is derived from his pre-existence where he learned how to cope with various extreme incidences. Zhu learned the art of mastering his emotions.

However, there are some excerpts that say Zhu just didn’t want to use his real powers on the journey. He instead expected the monkey king to come and save him and the others and if not then the other deities would rescue them.


In the book “Journey to the West” Zhu Bajie is portrayed as a very ugly creature, everything that he does puts him into problems. He is however powerful only that he doesn’t want to use his powers, this is considered laziness because he then expects to be rescued by the other deities. He is a slave of love, but any attempts he makes to get close to those that are beautiful in his eyes, earn him banishment from the heavens.

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