What were seven great ancient capitals of china

What were the capitals of China?The capital of China is Beijing, which has been the capital of China for 600 years since the Yuan Dynasty. Beijing is also a famous big city in the world. Beijing has a long history and a developed culture

What was the first and original capital of China?

The first capital of China was called Gao, located in the west of China. It was the first capital of the Zhou Dynasty (mid 11th century BC-771 BC). It was in Xi’an. Later, many Chinese dynasties made Xi’an their capital.

seven ancient capitals of china

In the long history of China, more than 100 cities have been regarded as capitals. The most famous are 7 cities, Anyang, Xi’an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Beijing


The ancient capitals of the ten dynasties (Western Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Former Zhao, Former Qin, Later Qin, Western Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang) total 1073 years

In history, Xi’an was the capital of 13 dynasties in China .

xin dynasty (9AD–25AD)
Eastern Han dynasty (190AD–196AD)
Western Jin dynasty (313AD-316AD)
Former Zhao dynasty (318AD–330AD)
Former Qin dynasty (351AD–385AD)
Later Qin dynasty (386AD–417AD)
Western Wei dynasty (535AD–557AD)
Northern Zhou dynasty (557AD–581AD)
Sui dynasty (581AD–618AD)
Tang dynasty (618AD–904AD)

In tang dynasty,Xi’an was the biggest city in the world,”World Historic City” designated by UNESCO in 1981.


The ancient capital of the Six Dynasties (Houyan, Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Qing)

Jin Dynasty (1153-AD 1214)
Yuan Dynasty (1267-AD 1368
Ming Dynasty (1421-AD 1644)
Qing Dynasty (1644-AD 1911)
Republic of China (1911-AD 1928)


The ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties (Xia, Shang, Western Zhou, Eastern Zhou, Eastern Han, Cao Wei, Western Jin, Yuan Wei, Sui, Tang, Houliang, Later Tang)

Xia Dynasty (about 2070 BC-about 1600 BC)
Shang Dynasty (about 1600 BC-about 1046 BC)
Western Zhou Dynasty (about 1600 BC-about 1046 BC)
Eastern Zhou Dynasty (about 1046 BC-about 771 BC)
Eastern Han Dynasty (25 AD-190 AD)
Cao Wei (221 AD-265 AD)
Western Jin Dynasty (265 AD-312 AD)
Northern Wei Dynasty (AD 265-AD 312)
Sui Dynasty (606 AD-618 AD)
Tang Dynasty (690 AD-705 AD)
Houliang (AD 909-AD 913)
Later Tang (923 AD-936 AD)
Later Jin Dynasty (936 AD-938 AD)


The ancient capital of the Six Dynasties (Sun Wu, Dong Jin, Liu Song, Xiao Qi, Xiao Liang, Chen, Ming Dynasty)

Dongwu (222 AD-280 AD)
Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 317-AD 420)
Liu Song (420 AD-479 AD)
Southern Qi Dynasty (AD 479-AD 502)
liang Dynasty (502 AD-557 AD)
chen Dynasty (557 AD-589 AD)
Southern Tang Dynasty (937 AD-975 AD)
Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-AD 1420)
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (AD 1853-AD 1864)
Republic of China (1927 AD-1949 AD)


Wuyue in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms and the Southern Song Dynasty established their capitals here.The biggest city in the world in the 13th century

Wu Yue Kingdom (907 AD-978 AD)
Southern Song Dynasty (AD 1129-AD 1276)

Anyang: (Anyang City, Henan Province)

The capitals of Shang Dynasty, Eastern Wei Dynasty, and Northern Song Dynasty were built here


The ancient capital of the Six Dynasties (Wei, Houliang, Hou Jin, Hou Han, Hou Tang, Northern Song Dynasty) The biggest city in the world in the 12th century

Xia: From 1847 to 1622 from Emperor Zhu to Emperor Zhu, 225 years
Warring States Wei: (364 years ago-225 years ago, 139 years)
Later Liang: (907-909 913-923 12 years)
Later Jin: (937-947 years for 10 years)
Later Han: (947-951, 4 years)
Later Zhou: (951-960, 9 years)
Northern Song Dynasty: (960-1127 years, 167 years)
jin: (1161, 1214-1234 20 years)

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