What Does Pixiu Symbolize?-Fierce Beast

Pixiu also referred to as the Pi Yao, Tianlu, or the Bixie, is a highly regarded mythical creature from ancient Chinese culture. It is considered a lucky symbol and also a symbol that would bring you wealth, protection, and good fortune. It is, therefore, often used as a decorative object, and you will notice it in most places and homes across China.

What Is A Pixiu/ What Animal Is Pixiu?

The pixiu often comes in the form of a majestic statue on guard. Essentially, the Pixiu represents a hybrid creature whose appearance tends to vary slightly, depending on the time period that the creature was made and the time period it’s from.

In most cases, however, the pixiu has either a dragon head, a dog-like, or a lion-like body. But that is not all; there are times when the pixiu has wings or even a horn. And in most cases, the pixiu is depicted as a creature that sits on its hindquarters the way a dog does, and it looks very stable in this position. It may even look a tad portly.

Note that the Pixie is considered one of the auspicious animals in Chinese mythology. It is in the same category as the dragon, the turtle, Kylin, and the phoenix. The Pixiu is one powerful and ferocious creature, and as such, it works as a security guard of Heaven, and its primary role is to resist the ghosts and the demons. And just like the Kylin and the dragon, the Pixiu is highly regarded because it brings happiness to the lives of the people who have it, and it also carries some exorcising functions. It’s different from the Kylin in that the Pixiu is a rather ferocious creature that uses its strength and power to protect its master, and this is the reason why you will find that many Chinese people wear jade Pixius. It’s also important to note that the Pixiu features 26 figures, as well as 49 incarnations.

Pixiu History/ Story

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But how exactly did the story of the pixiu come to be?

Well, there are varying Chinese legends telling the story of this auspicious creature. The most common story told about the pixiu, however, is one that indicates that the pixiu was the youngest child out of the nine that were born to the Dragon King, who is also another legendary creature. According to Chinese Mythology, the Dragon King’s children were called Yazi, Qiuniu, Bixi, Chaofeng, Suanni, Pulao, Fuxi, Bi’an, and Pixiu. The Dragon King and dragons, in general, are important in Chinese mythology because they are believed to have supernatural powers. The dragon is believed to have the power of changing the weather, they rule over the oceans, and they are just very powerful, which also means that the sons of the dragons also carry the same amount of power. Across Chinese culture, the dragon is considered a powerful symbol of dignity and power.

The story states that on one occasion, the Pixiu paid a visit to the Jade Emperor but ended up defecating all over the palatial floors. Angered by the actions of the Pixiu, the Jade Emperor made the drastic decision to seal off the Pixiu’s entire bottom, meaning the Pixiu could never excrete again, meaning there would be no such accidents ever again.

These myths also tell a tale of the Pixiu’s actions and preferences, one of which was how the Pixiu liked eating valuables, including jewelry made of gold and silver. These valuables would never leave the Pixiu’s body since its bottom had been sealed off, and so, the Pixiu became the symbol of abundance, as well as wealth – essentially, it consumed treasures but would never get rid of them. So, the Pixiu was believed to have the power to not just receive but also receive the wealth meant for the owner of the Pixiu.

Pixiu Feng Shui Meaning

According to Feng Shui experts, the Pixiu is a protector of homes. It exorcises homes from evil and ghosts and will also raise and attract good fortune for its master. There is even a saying in Feng Shui about the Pixiu – that ‘Touch the Pixiu once and you’ll receive good luck, touch it twice to receive money and great treasure, and if you touch it for the third time, you will get more power and a high position that you desire.

The Pixiu is sculpted using three main materials, wood, copper, and also jade. Copper gives it the gold-like finish after it’s polished, but traditionally, wood was used as the Pixiu’s primary sculpting material. The most recent Pixiu designs have been sculpted out of jade. The Pixiu figures are often joisted on big houses, and in this position, it was believed to have the power of keeping out bad luck.

You will be happy to know that regardless of the materials used to make the Pixiu, this creature always carries the same amount of power, as long as you keep it at an appropriate/ recommended spot.

What Is Pixiu Good For?

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Whether you wish to wear the Pixiu in a bracelet or prefer to keep it positioned at home or office in your entry, desk, or wealth corner, the Pixiu is believed to offer the following benefits.

  • Bring good fortune and wealth – The pixiu’s, as mentioned above, has the power to bring their wearers great fortune and wealth. This is attributed to the fact that the Pixiu had its bottom sealed off after the mishap at the palace, and from then on, it ate valuables made of gold and silver but wouldn’t excrete any of them.
  • Brings happiness – by keeping away evil and ghosts, the Pixiu brings you happiness.
  • It will also make you successful by giving you more power and allowing you to get the high positions you desire in society.
  • The Pixiu amulets would enhance your Qi.

Pixiu Dragon Meaning

This mythical creature, a variation of a sea and earth dragon, is highly regarded thanks to its auspiciousness and its perceived power to make you influential and wealthy.

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