What Does Venus Mean In China?

In Chinese culture, Venus is considered a planet that influences people’s lives, especially in relationships and wealth. It is believed that the position of Venus in a person’s birth chart can have a significant impact on their love life, career, and financial success. People consult with astrologers to determine the position of Venus in their birth chart and how it may affect their future. To learn more about Venus in China, read on.

What is Venus in Chinese culture?


In Chinese culture, Venus is considered an important extraterrestrial body in Chinese astronomy and astrology. In traditional Chinese astrology, Venus is associated with wealth and romance and is believed to have a significant influence on a person’s partnerships and finances. Venus is also often depicted as a symbol of beauty, success, and luck. It is also considered an essential planet in Chinese Feng Shui, where its position in the sky is used to determine the auspiciousness of a location or direction.

Venus in Chinese mythology

In Chinese mythology, Venus is closely associated with several legendary figures and gods. One of the most prominent of these is the goddess of beauty and affluence, Xi Wangmu, who is considered the queen of heaven and is said to control the wealth of the world. She is often depicted as a beautiful and powerful goddess who bestows her blessings on those deserving.

Another figure associated with Venus in Chinese mythology is Doumu, who is said to have been born from a pearl and is known as the “Queen of Heaven.” She is associated with the stars and is considered to be a goddess of wisdom, light, and longevity.

Also, Venus is linked to several animals, including the dragon, snake, and phoenix. These animals are considered to be powerful symbols of good fortune, riches, and success and are often associated with Venus in traditional astrological charts.

Venus in Chinese astrology

In Chinese astrology, Venus is considered an essential astronomical body that influences a person’s life and fortune, known as Jin Xing, translating to “Metal Star.” Venus is also associated with wealth and romance, as people born under the influence of Venus are thought to be attractive and good at attracting wealth. They are also believed to have a strong sense of intuition and are often successful in their partnerships.

Additionally, the position of Venus in a person’s birth chart is used to predict the individual’s prospects for wealth and love. If Venus is well-positioned, it is thought to bring harmonious unions, and if not, it can bring financial and relationship troubles. Overall, Venus plays an important role in Chinese astrology, where it is considered a powerful heavenly body that affects a person’s overall life prospects.


Overall, Venus symbolizes beauty, prosperity, wisdom, and good luck in Chinese culture and beliefs. Its importance in Chinese astrology, mythology, and culture highlights the significance that the Chinese have placed on the celestial bodies and their influence on our lives.

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