What Do Plum Blossoms Symbolize In China?-Mei Hua Flower

The Chinese plum tree has been growing in China for over 1,000 years. The tree is grown for its beautiful bloom. The fruits also have various uses in cooking and winemaking. In early spring, the Chinese plum is the first tree to bloom. The blooms appear while the tree’s stem is still covered in ice. But do these blooms mean anything in china? Read on to learn this and more!

What Are Plum Blossoms?

Plum Blossoms
Plum Blossoms

Plum blossoms refer to the blossom of the Chinese plum tree, also known as Prunus mume. The blossoms appear in early spring. The bloom is made of five petals, with colors ranging from white, pink, and red.

These blossoms produce a deep spicy fragrance. Plum trees are grown in most Chinese compounds for their aesthetic value. Plum blossoms are used for decorations during the early spring festivals.

What Does a Chinese Plum Tree Look Like?

The Chinese plum tree grows to a maximum height of 20 feet. During summer and fall, the tree produces dense green foliage. The leaves are oval with pointed tips. The tree is covered in floral bloom during spring, which could be white, pink-white, pink, or red.

Due to its size, the tree is perfect for small spaces such as the backyard or front compounds. The plant also produces yellow fruit. These fruits cannot be eaten raw. However, they are processed differently for use in liquor and teas.

What Is Plum Blossom In Chinese Culture?

The Chinese saw the plum blossom as an early sign of spring. During festivals that followed the onset of spring, they used plum blossoms to symbolize the beginning of a new season of fertility and warmth.

The plum blossom symbolized strength, overcoming hardship, and resilience. Women wore these flowers in their jewelry for beauty and long life.

Types of Plum Blossoms

The most common type of plum blossom is one with five petals. However, other varieties produce more than five petals.

Similarly, most plum blossoms are pink. However, it is not uncommon to find white, pink, white, or deep rep plum blossoms. These are delicate flowers with a sweet fragrance.

What Do Chinese Plum Blossoms Symbolize?

plum blossoms painting

The plum blossom is the Chinese national flower. Since the bloom first appears in the middle of winter, it symbolizes resilience and perseverance in times of adversity. The five petals symbolize the five branches of the government. They also symbolize the five Chinese races governed by one union.

The ability of the plum blossoms to withstand winter symbolizes the national spirit of the citizens of the Chinese republic. The plum blossom symbol has been used on Chinese airplanes, the Chinese Olympic flag, and the select Chinese currency.


The plum blossom is one of the most appealing sights to come across. Appearing during early spring, these pink flowers are breathtaking. For the Chinese, they are more than just flowers. Although they are used for ornamental purposes, the plum blossoms also represent resilience and strength. As the national flower, plum blossoms are valued in China.

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