The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts

“The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” is an extremely regionally distinctive folk traditional martial arts and competitive activity, originating from Lin’an District, Hangzhou City. Here is a detailed introduction to “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts”:

Origin and History

“The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts,” this unique form of martial arts, has its deep history documented in the “Qian Family Genealogy,” dating back to the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. The founder of this martial art, Qian Yuan, the thirty-second generation descendant of Prince Qian Wusu, after migrating to the picturesque Shangtian Fish Pit, felt the spiritual essence of the local mountains and rivers. Thus, he conceived the idea of combining the strengths of various martial arts. He not only inherited the family’s martial arts tradition but also innovated upon it. Skillfully integrating the techniques of eighteen ancient weapons and the essence of various martial arts schools, he created a set of distinctive training methods, which became the prototype of “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts.”

Since its inception, this martial art has been beloved and esteemed by the local people for its unique style and practicality. Qian Yuan was not only proficient in the use of various weapons but also adept at ingeniously integrating different martial arts styles, making this martial art not only possess the unique charm of ancient weapons but also embody the essence of various martial arts schools.

As time passed, “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” has been continuously improved and developed by generations of inheritors over more than three hundred years. Its performance form is no longer limited to the initial display of weapons and martial arts techniques but has gradually incorporated more cultural elements such as lion dance and dragon dance performances, making this traditional martial art more colorful, ornamental, and artistic.

Today, “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” is not just a martial arts performance but also a cultural heritage and display. It carries a profound historical and cultural heritage and reflects the courage and wisdom of the people of Lin’an.

Characteristics and Values of “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts”

“The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts,” with its combination of athleticism, performance, and artistic appreciation, is deeply loved for its diversity. It is not only a superb martial arts performance but also a profound cultural heritage and vivid cultural display. Each performance seems to tell ancient stories and convey a long-standing culture.

In terms of value, “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” is undoubtedly a brilliant gem of Zhejiang Province’s intangible cultural heritage. It is not just a sport but also a epitome of Zhejiang’s traditional sports culture, showcasing the profound cultural heritage and tenacious spirit of the Lin’an region. Each performance is a respect for and inheritance of traditional culture, as well as a vivid presentation of the spirit of the people of Lin’an.

More importantly, “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” also embodies the concept of national fitness. It is not only exclusive to martial arts masters but also a traditional sports activity that the general public can participate in and experience. By learning and practicing this martial art, people can not only improve their physical fitness but also feel the charm of traditional culture in sports, thus deepening their understanding and inheritance of Chinese martial arts culture.

Therefore, the value of “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” is not only reflected in its unique performance form but also in its inheritance and promotion of traditional culture, as well as its active promotion of national fitness. This traditional martial art is undoubtedly a precious cultural heritage that deserves to be cherished and inherited by each and every one of us.

Honors and Achievements of “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts”

“The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” has repeatedly won honors in numerous martial arts competitions and events, fully demonstrating its outstanding strength and profound cultural heritage. In 2009, this unique martial art shone in the 6th Zhejiang Traditional Martial Arts Performance, winning the gold medal and showcasing its superb skills and profound cultural connotations. In the 7th Zhejiang International Traditional Martial Arts Performance, “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” once again achieved first place in the group category, winning widespread acclaim at home and abroad. It is worth mentioning that in 2023, this project was awarded the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Award” of Zhejiang Province, which not only affirmed its unique cultural value and artistic charm but also highly recognized the inheritance and development of “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts.” These honors and achievements fully demonstrate the status and influence of “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” in the martial arts world.

Inheritance and Development of “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts”

Currently, “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” has received effective inheritance and protection. However, in order for it to better develop and inherit, more efforts are still needed. For example, efforts can be made to strengthen publicity and promotion to increase public awareness and understanding of this project. At the same time, more training and educational activities can be carried out to cultivate more inheritors.

In conclusion, as one of the representative projects of Zhejiang Province’s intangible cultural heritage, “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” not only has rich historical and cultural connotations and artistic value but also makes positive contributions to promoting national fitness and cultural inheritance.


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