Taiyang Dongping Temple Fair

The Taiyang Dongping Temple Fair, which began during the Southern Song Dynasty, is a folk sacrificial activity in Taiyang Town, Lin’an City, and is one of the temple fairs in the Lin’an area. It preserves the traditional folk culture of commemorating the historical figure General Zhang Xun of the Tang Dynasty, who was honored with the title “Dongping Wang” (Eastern Peace Prince), and has been highly valued and respected by the local people.

Historical Background

General Zhang Xun of the Tang Dynasty, honored as “Dongping Wang” for his distinguished military achievements in quelling the An-Shi Rebellion, died in battle in the Taiyang area during his campaigns in Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. To commemorate this hero, the local people near Taiyang built a temple for Dongping Wang on the eastern gatehead of East Longshan and Taiyang Street. The temple consists of two parts: a hall with a statue of the majestic Dongping Wang and a celebration hall elevated about five feet from the ground with a 50-square-meter platform. Six large red pillars stand in the center, with wooden screens carved on them and passages on both sides. After the temple was built, people from dozens of miles around came to pay their respects.

During the Qing Dynasty, a girl from Jietou Village in Taiyang Town went to burn incense at the Dongping Wang Temple. When she entered the hall with the statue, she was shocked by the handsome and mighty Dongping Wang. When making a wish, she couldn’t help but say, “If I could marry such a husband in this life, it would be truly fortunate.” As she stepped out of the threshold, a large piece of tile, which had not been repaired for many years, fell from the temple roof and struck her head, killing her instantly at the entrance of the hall. Therefore, the local people sculpted a statue for her next to Dongping Wang and named her “Dongping Niangniang” (Dongping Goddess), as it was the 24th day of the tenth lunar month. Therefore, every October 24th, these two statues are worshipped.

Temple Fair Activities

The Taiyang Dongping Temple Fair is an event that combines folk beliefs, religious rituals, trade, and various folk arts. During the fair, there are colorful activities including processions, sacrifices, trade, and folk art performances. Among them, the most characteristic is the “carrying the Bodhisattva” activity, in which local people place the statues of Dongping Wang and Dongping Niangniang on a high, uncurtained sedan chair and parade them through the streets. This activity is deeply loved and respected by the local people.

The “Dongping Wang” Temple is located on the east side of the old street in Taiyang Village, at the eastern gatehead, and has a history of over a thousand years. It was built to commemorate Zhang Xun, who was awarded the title “Dongping Wang” for his role in suppressing the An-Shi Rebellion. Inside, there are statues of the mighty “Dongping Wang” and “Dongping Niangniang” (derived from legend). On the day of the sacrifice, tens of thousands of people from all directions gather in Taiyang to participate in the temple fair activities. On the day of the sacrifice, there is a procession of the statues of Dongping Wang and Dongping Niangniang. The procession lasts for two days, known as the “carrying the Bodhisattva” activity. During these two days, Dongping Niangniang takes Dongping Wang to her mother’s house in Jietou Village and her grandmother’s house in Bamu Village to play. On the third day, there is a day-long activity on the temple grounds.

Cultural Significance

The Taiyang Dongping Temple Fair is not only a folk event but also a comprehensive display of rural traditional culture and a carnival in the countryside. It carries the local people’s memory of history and their love for traditional culture, and is also an important manifestation of community cohesion and cultural identity. Through the temple fair activities, one can feel the harmony, vitality, and unique charm of rural society and folk culture.

Modern Development

With the development of society and the changes of the times, the Taiyang Dongping Temple Fair is constantly developing and changing. However, its value as an important carrier of traditional culture and folk activities remains unchanged. The local government and various sectors of society actively participate in the protection and inheritance of the temple fair, striving to promote its integration and development with modern society, making it an important promoter of rural cultural revitalization and tourism development.

In summary, the Taiyang Dongping Temple Fair is a traditional temple fair with profound historical and cultural heritage and rich folk activities. It is not only an important cultural event for the local people but also an important platform for showcasing rural traditional culture and folk art.


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