what is the name of the tallest building in china

There are several reasons why tall buildings are valued worldwide. Some of the principal reasons why tall buildings emerged and continue to be built are dominance, transcendence, expedience, and human ambitions. While folks from the past years set an architectural standard by advancing technological developments like curtain walls, elevators, and high-strength steel, multiple strides have been made in architecture and engineering ever since then. It is also notable that as time goes by, we are moving at a rapid pace when it comes to the architectural designs and engineering levels of the modern skyscrapers in the world.

The past decade has witnessed high-speed economic growth in China that has brought about significant transitions and advancements in the Chinese construction industry, signified by several construction sites all over the country. Also, China has been identified to have the tallest buildings in the world. In this article, we will extensively explore the tallest building in China.

So, what is the tallest building in China?

The tallest building in China at the moment is the Shanghai Tower, which is located in Shanghai city. To add to that, it is ranked as the second-tallest building worldwide. The Shanghai Tower was designed by Gensler (an American architectural firm) under the leadership of the Shanghainese architect Jun Xia. It is the tallest of the world’s first triple-adjacent megatall buildings in Pudong, and its tiered construction is designed for high energy efficiency.

Construction work on the tower began in November 2008, and it fully topped out in 2013, then its exterior was completed in 2015. It was opened to the public in November 2014, and the observation deck was accessible to visitors in July 2016. Also, the viewing deck on the 118th floor has been accessible by the public since then. However, there have been significant maintenance issues since the opening of the tower. For this reason, most of the floors remain largely unoccupied.

How tall is the tallest building in China?

The Shanghai tower is a 632-meter-tall skyscraper that takes the form of 9 cylindrical buildings that have been stacked over each other. It features a total of 128 floors. Each of the floors has been enclosed by the inner layer of the glass façade. You will find 9 indoor zones that provide public space for visitors between the outer and inner layer. In each of the 9 areas, you will find a restaurant, café, garden space, retail space, and perhaps the most panoramic views of Shanghai city. The tower is big and tall enough to accommodate as many as 16,000 people every single day. The transparent façade is the most unique feature associated with the Shanghai tower because the double-stacked layer of glass eliminates the need for either layer to be opaqued, unlike most buildings that have a single façade by highly reflective glass for minimum heat absorption.


Generally, tall buildings are more than a place to work, live, be entertained, or worship. Nearly as important as these basic functions, tall buildings such as the Shanghai tower symbolize the might and wealth of the emperor and mastery of the land.

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