What Is a Chinese Scissors? (Detailed Answer)

For centuries, Chinese scissors have been used to cut everything from silk to metal. The ancient manufacturing process of the Chinese scissors may lack a systematic record, but it has survived revolutions, wars, and communism. The blades have a hard and sharp bite due to the ancient technique of making them. It is different from the western world scissors due to their multifunctional use, and the scissors keep on improving and evolving. More people are learning about their many types and use, and more want to own one or more in their homes. In this article, you will learn more about Chinese scissors, the invention of the Chinese scissors, their uses, and more information on them. 

What is the Chinese name for scissors?

The Chinese name for scissors is Jiǎndāo. But, the Chinese scissors can have various names depending with the brand name and the uses of the Chinese scissors. Today, with the many manufacturing companies you can get different types of Chinese scissors to fit the required need.

Chinese Scissors History

antique bronze scissors

The earliest Chinese scissors known are from the early Han Dynasty and are similar or comparable to the earliest roman shears. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, scissors were more popular. Since then, the Chinese scissors industry has had great improvement with the well-known brand name for scissors like Wang Mazi and Zhang Xiaoquan exist, among many others with distinctive features and a long history. Plus, the scissors differ by geographic region and chronologically. 

Who invented scissors in china?

In the dying years of the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Xiaoquan’s, who was a craftsman, found a way to make durable scissors. Thus, since 1663, the Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan company has been manufacturing Chinese scissors. Today, the company is among the oldest operating scissor manufacturers globally. But, there are other companies, and scissors manufacturing in China has improved and evolved. Thus, the Chinese scissors have greatly improved in materials, shape, quality, function, and variety with the development of modern scissors. 

Did the Chinese invent scissors?

No, they did not. However, scholars believe that the Chinese scissors’ origin is from the early bronze sharpening knife. It did not have any accessories but were two cutting knives intersecting each other. 

What are Chinese scissors used for?

traditional chinese scissors

The Chinese scissors are used to cut paper, cloth, food, and even shoes. Scissors are a common accessory but different from western scissors. The western scissors have a short handle and a longer blade because they are used mostly to cut paper. 


The invention and use of the scissors is a vital contribution to the history of tools for humans. After a long evolution, the Chinese scissors have a rich variety of types, shapes, and sizes. They look different from most western types. But they are precision instruments, reliable, versatile, and comfortable. The Chinese scissors are a must-have tool, and more and more people are getting one of their own for use and needs. Plus, with new features and materials continuing to expand, the ancient invention of the scissors has a broader and deep meaning, use and need in our day-to-day lives.

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