Tuan Kou Steamed Bun Festival

Tuan Kou Town, located in the picturesque Hongling Mountains, is a place full of historical heritage and cultural charm. Every year in early June of the lunar calendar, more than ten villages including Erlian Xichuan, Tongjia, and Qiankeng will usher in a grand celebration known as the “Steamed Bun Festival”. This festival is not only a commemoration of history but also an expression of love for life and a wish for a better future.

Steamed Bun Festival,as know as Man Tou Jie.The origin of the “Steamed Bun Festival” is closely related to the historical Guangdong uprising led by Fang La. To commemorate this uprising and honor the brave ancestors, local people gradually developed the custom of making and eating steamed buns. On this day, every household will make steamed buns by hand, expressing gratitude to their ancestors and appreciation for life through delicious food. At the same time, inviting relatives and friends to share this feast has become a bond for emotional communication between people.

In addition to the enjoyment of food, the “Steamed Bun Festival” is also accompanied by a variety of colorful cultural activities and lively trade fairs. Villagers perform self-written, directed, and acted cultural programs, showcasing their love for life and the inheritance of culture through songs, dances, and operas. At the trade fair, various local specialties and handicrafts are abundant, attracting numerous tourists to come and purchase, injecting new vitality into the local economic development.

This special festival is not only a cultural celebration in Tuan Kou Town but also a grand display of folk culture. Through the organization of the “Steamed Bun Festival”, we can see the profound cultural heritage and unique charm of traditional culture. Through traditional customs such as making and eating steamed buns, people not only taste the flavor of delicious food but also feel the warmth and strength of traditional culture.

With the development of the times, the “Steamed Bun Festival” has gradually incorporated new elements and connotations. In recent years, Tuan Kou Town has combined the development of ecological tourism, actively explored the potential of folk tourism, and turned the “Steamed Bun Festival” into an important cultural brand that attracts tourists. By continuously organizing the Hongling Mountain “Steamed Bun Festival” family folk experience activities for five sessions, more people have come to understand and love this unique festival, promoting local economic and cultural prosperity.

It is worth mentioning that the “Steamed Bun Festival” has successfully applied to become intangible cultural heritage of Zhejiang Province, which undoubtedly affirms and encourages the cultural protection work of Tuan Kou Town. At the same time, it injects new momentum into the cultural tourism industry of Tuan Kou Town. More and more tourists come to experience the unique folk customs and profound cultural heritage here.

During the organization of the “Steamed Bun Festival”, we also see the importance of combining the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture. While maintaining traditional customs, Tuan Kou Town continuously integrates new elements and creativity, revitalizing the “Steamed Bun Festival” with new vitality and charm. For example, in the 2015 “Steamed Bun Festival”, it actively integrated the construction of Zhejiang-Western Folk Customs Boutique Line and launched innovative projects such as the “Steamed Bun Welcome Guest” Experience Hall, allowing tourists to have a deeper understanding and experience of the charm of this traditional festival.

In conclusion, the “Steamed Bun Festival” is a traditional festival in the Hongling area of Tuan Kou Town, which is full of cultural connotations and celebratory atmosphere. It not only showcases the rich folk cultural characteristics of the local area but also promotes communication and unity between people. With the development of the times and social progress, the “Steamed Bun Festival” will continue to be inherited and shine with new brilliance.

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