Chinese Bamboo Hat-Handmade Folk Hat

The Chinese bamboo hat is a traditional headwear from China made from woven bamboo strips. The hat was originally worn by manual laborers, such as farmers, to protect them from the elements while working in the fields. Today, the Chinese bamboo hat is often used as a symbol of Chinese culture and is often seen in Chinese performances. Keep reading to discover more about the Chinese bamboo hat.

What is the Chinese bamboo hat?

Chinese Bamboo Hat
Chinese Bamboo Hat

The Chinese bamboo hat is a headwear from China made with woven bamboo strips. It is known for its simple yet practical design, which has made it a popular choice for laborers out in the fields as a shield from the scorching sun. It also represents Chinese traditions and is often seen in their cultural activities. The hat is durable, lightweight, and provides excellent sun protection.

Types of Chinese bamboo hats

There are several types of Chinese bamboo hats, including the coolie hat, which has a wide brim and a simple, cylindrical shape; the conical hat, which has a conical shape; the pointed hat, which has a pointed top and a wide brim, and the flat-top hat which has a flat top and a wide brim, similar to the coolie hat.

Chinese bamboo hat history

Handmade Folk Hat

The Chinese bamboo hat originated from South, Southeast, and East Asia. Also known as a rice hat or a paddy hat, the Chinese bamboo hat was initially used in China during the Qing Dynasty among the Mandarins. The hat’s popularity then spread to other Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. In Japan, this hat is also known as the kasa and was typically used by pilgrims and monks as a symbol of Buddhism.

In the Philippines, the Chinese hat was referred to as a salakot and was originally worn by farmers during the pre-colonial period and was later adopted by the Spanish colonial army in the 18th century. Although this hat was and still is widely used in Asia, China is recognized as the original producer and user.

Who made the Chinese bamboo hat?

Emperor Gaozu

The original Chinese bamboo hat is believed to be invented by the Chinese Emperor Gaozu during the Han Dynasty. It is said that he had envisioned a hat with bamboo sheathes and began making them himself, and after he was satisfied with the production, he began mass-producing the hats. Proud of what he had created, it is said that the emperor was in a bamboo hat almost all the time he was seen.  

Why Chinese use bamboo hats

From its invention to date, the Chinese bamboo hat is used as protection from the sun. The hat’s simple, functional design made it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. Additionally, the Chinese use bamboo hats because it embodies a part of their tradition and cultural practices. Lastly, since it’s lightweight, the Chinese appreciate its practicality and ease of use.  

How to make a Chinese bamboo hat

To make this hat, you’ll need the following:

  • bamboo strips
  • glue
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

Start by preparing the bamboo strips, then begin weaving the hat by laying out a base row of bamboo strips.

Proceed to attach the brim to the hat by cutting additional bamboo strips to the desired length.

Then, secure the edges of the hat using glue.

 Lastly, do the finishing touches using a needle and thread to stitch the top of the hat closed.



The Chinese bamboo hat is a traditional headwear with a rich history and cultural significance originally mainly used by blue-collar workers as a shield from outside elements. The hat is made from woven bamboo strips, making it lightweight and durable, and it is still widely used today.

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