Why Is Xiang Yu So Famous?- Xiang Ji

One of the most legendary figures in Chinese history is Xiang Yu, a powerful warlord in ancient China. Xiang Yu’s history has been depicted in movies, games, and books over the years. To find out every detail about this warlord, including how he faced his tragic death, stick around until the end of this article.

Who is Xiang Yu?

Xiang Ji

Xiang Yu , born Xiang Ji was a warlord of the Western Chu between 206-202 BC, during the Chu-Han Contention period. He is also referred to as the Hegemon-King and was famous for fighting the Qin Dynasty’s rule, which earned him the title “Duke of Lu.” Xiang Yu dethroned many leaders during his time and ruled over present-day eastern and central China.

Xiang Yu weapon

Xiang Yu’s weapon was a massive 300kg halberd which he used as his primary weapon during battles. The weapon was named “Overlord Halberd,” just like its owner. It’s believed that Xiang Yu possessed supernatural strength no wonder he could fight with such heavy weaponry.

Xiang Yu dynasty warriors

Xiang Yu
Xiang Yu

During his reign, Xiang Yu had thousand of warriors fighting alongside him during battles. Out of all these soldiers, the most recognized one was Long Ju, who served under Xiang Yu until his passing in 204 BC. Long Ju was a military general who played a crucial part in the Chu-Han Contention. Xiang Yu’s warriors contributed significantly to his success in rebelling against many Chinese rulers.  

Xiang Yu vs. Liu Bang

liu bang

One of the longest wars led by Xiang Yu was against Liu Bang, the founder of the Han Dynasty. This war is popularly referred to as the Chu-Han Contention, which eventually ended during the Gaixia battle, where Xiang Yu was defeated. The battle occurred in 202 BC when Liu Bang managed to overpower Xiang Yu.

Xiang Yu history

When was Xiang Yu born?

Xiang Yu was born in 232 BC, during the Warring State period. Some historians suggest that Xiang Yu was from a royal house, Mi, in the Chu state, during the Zhou Dynasty, while other historians believe he was a noble descendant from the Lu state.

Xiang Yu’s wife

Xiang Yu was married to Consort Yu, a.k.a “Yu the Beauty,” after they met through Consort Yu’s eldest brother, who was serving in Xiang Yu’s uncle’s army. Consort Yu’s birth name isn’t known to date. She committed suicide when Xiang Yu fell into depression as Liu Bang overpowered him.

When did Xiang Yu die?

Xiang Yu died in 202 BC after being defeated by Liu Bang in the Gaixia battle, which marked the end of the Chu-Han Contention period. It is believed that he died on the bank of Wu River, near modern-day He County.

How did Xiang Yu die?

xiang yu death

Xiang Yu committed suicide on the Wu river bank by slitting his throat with a sword after all his soldiers were killed. Before taking his life, Xiang Yu offered the price placed on his head to an old friend now serving in Liu Bang’s army. It is said that his body was dismembered as the soldiers began fighting over the price.


Xiang Yu was a famous warlord in ancient China who was honored, respected, and feared for his bravery, strength, and skills. This legend is still popular in China and worldwide thanks to films, video games, and books.  

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