Who Is Guanyin In Chinese Mythology?-Bodhisattva Of Compassion

Guanyin is the god of compassion, mercy, and love that is worshiped by most Buddhist. This god was first regarded as a male god, but as time progressed, the gender of this god seemed more female and today, most people who worship Guanyin regard this god as female. This god has three birthdays representing three significant times of her life. In this article, I elaborate more on Guanyin including when she was born, what she symbolizes and how you can pray to her.

What is Guanyin bodhisattva meaning


Guanyin bodhisattva means compassion, mercy, and love. In Buddhism, Avalokiteśvara , also known as Kuan yin, has evolved into the female form called Guanshiyin. The Guanyin bodhisattva is a symbol of the divine being that exists on earth. This divine being influences the happenings on earth. This influence is usually giving peace to those who are troubled. It is also having compassion for those who seem to have no direction. Finally, it is to show love to every person. The Guanyin bodhisattva is mostly in the Asian community and it means compassion, mercy, and love.

What is Guanyin the god of

Guanyin is the god of mercy. This god is considered to see all things and to hear all things. As such, those who are in situations in which they are uncertain, or they are in despair and are full of fear can call on this god. By calling on Guanyin, the worshipers seek to gain mercy. This god is primarily worshiped in China but also in other parts of Asia. The worshipers of Guanyin consider the god to be the physical representation of compassion.

Is Guanyin male or female

Kuan yin
Kuan yin

Originally, the Guanyin god was regarded as a male god. As the worship of this god continued to spread through Asia, the god was regarded as gender-neutral. This made it easier for worshipers of both genders to relate with this god. In imperial China, however, more worshipers regarded Guanyin as female. As such, in china, Guanyin is female, but in other regions, the god is either male or gender neutral.  To add to it, this god is known to take 33 manifestations. Some of these manifestations are regarded as male, while others are female.  

What does guan yin represent?

Guan yin means observing the sounds or the cries of the people. This is the representation of the god of compassion. The god of compassion is said to be able to hear all things. This includes the cry of people that are struggling with different things. When people are crying for whatsoever reason, and they do not have someone who can help them, the god Guanyin is said to hear these cries and help this person.

Is guan yin Taoism or Buddhism

nanhai guanyin
nanhai guanyin

Though respected by both Taoists and Buddhist, Guanyin is Buddhism. The Guanyin in Chinese can be loosely translated into Avalokiteshvara. Avalokiteshvara is the bodhisattva of compassion and is known to hear all things. Buddhist faithfuls are therefore the main group of people who worship Guanyin. It is therefore true to say that it is Buddhism and not Taoism.  

Where does Guanyin live

There are numerous Guanyin statues all over the regions where this god is worshiped. One such place is Nanjing China. In this city, there are more than five carvings that are all similar. Those who worship Guanyin visit these statues with flowers, gifts, and incense sticks. Though there are many such statues, those who worship this god believe that she hears all sounds of distress. They also believe that she appears to those who cry out to her in various forms. It is therefore not possible to quantify a specific place where this god stays. Worshipers can find this god in various places around the world where they are found.

Guanyin Kunlun mountains

putuoshan guanyin
putuoshan guanyin

The Kunlun mountains are a chain of mountains that are found in China. They extend through a distance of 3000 kilometers. The Kunlun mountains are known as the source of the yellow river. This is a river that is relied on by most people who dwell in China. In the same way, the Kunlun mountains are the source of the Yellow river, many people who worship Guanyin associate her as a source of refreshing mercy and love. There is a myth in the Chinese culture that the god Guanyin lives in the Kunlun mountains. As such, they are regarded as sacred mountains.

When did Guanyin live

Guanyin was introduced to China in the 1st century AD. The god was then introduced to Japan through Korea when Buddhism was introduced there in the middle of the 7th century. Since then, this god has been spread through various Asian countries, but mostly in China and Japan. The god has lived since the 1st Century AD to date.

When was Guanyin born?

Guanyin was born on the 19th day of the 2nd lunar month. On this day, Guanyin was born as princess Miao Shan into a Royal Family. She was raised in this royal family and it is here that she developed great compassion for humanity and a great desire to help those in distress.

Why guanyin has 3 birthdays

Guanyin has three birthdays because she experienced three key milestones in her life. The first milestone was her being born into a loyal family. This happened on the 19th day of the 2nd lunar month. The second milestone was when she attained enlightenment. This happened on the 19th day of the 6th lunar month. This second birthday can be described as when Guanyin was bord as a bodhisattva. The third key milestone was when she was initiated into the path of enlightenment. This happened on the 19th day of the 9th lunar month. These three key milestones are celebrated as birthdays for Guanyin. They are known as the three birthdays of Guanyin.

How to ask guan yin for help

guanyin mountain china
guanyin mountain china

You can ask for help from Guanyin by calling on her for help. There are various words that you can use depending on the language you are fluent in. Those who worship guan yin believe that she hears all languages, as such, if you want to ask for help, just call Guanyin and ask her to help you in the language you understand.

How to pray guan yin at home

You can pray to Guanyin at home by using the quartz prayer beads. Every bead in these prayer beads usually represents a prayer request to Guanyin. When at home, you can use these beads and repeat the prayers that are represented by these beads. You can do this at any place, but mostly it is recommended that you create a space where you will be using to pray when at home. This space can have a small statue of Guanyin. You can pray facing this statue of Guanyin.


Anyone who is in distress desires help from any place help can come from. For Buddhist, help in times of distress is often expected to come from Guanyin. She is a god representing mercy, compassion, and love. You can call to her at any time by calling on her name. You can also pray to her using quartz prayer beads. Whichever way you choose, if in distress and you are Buddhist, you can call on Guanyin to help you.

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