What Is The i ching Book And Used For?

There has been a lot of written literature concerning the I Ching book. Many philosophers and authors have defined and explained what I Ching means to them. The majority of the literature available has tried to explain this book in detail. Lucky enough we cannot argue when the right information is available for us to scrutinize and build a strong foundation out of it. When you understand what I Ching book is, you will be in a position to appreciate the work of the book.

We can only get to know the importance of this book and how it influences society. Well, in this article we will look at what I Ching book is, what religion is the I Ching, who wrote I Ching book when was I Ching written, what I Ching is used for, and why I Ching is important. We will get a clear picture concerning the book.

What is the I Ching book?

I Ching book is one of the ancient Chinese division manuals which is used to interpret hexagrams. The I Ching or Yi Jing /zhouyi, usually translated as Book of Changes or Classic of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text and among the oldest of the Chinese classics. The hexagrams are made up of symbols combined with six stacked horizontal lines in which tossed coins are used to give answers to questions regarding the future. It is also referred to as the “Book of Changes”. It is one of the oldest Chinese classics, that studies the change in human life. For over 5000 years the Chinese people have relied on I Ching to help in making a decision and predicting the future.

The predictions and answers to future events get revealed through using a numerological system that is based upon the Yin Yang, whereby the Yin is a representation of a broken line where as the Yang represents a whole line. The I Ching book has been used to serve for thousands of years as one of the philosophical taxonomies of the universe. It is an authoritative proof and organizing principle for arts criticism medicine, cartography, and many other sciences.

The I Ching has been used to bring focus to the present moment. Most of the time advice on the best action to be taken for the current situation.  Sometimes it may advise the stillness and mediation. When you first start consulting the I Ching book you may find it is like playing a game.

I Ching is a well-known Chinese book in the world. it is a Confucian, foundational text and a Daoist philosophical tradition among East Asians. It caught the attention of enlightened intellectuals together with prominent literary and cultural figures.

What religion is the I Ching

I Ching got inspired by great thinkers. Confucian, Buddhism, Taoist, and Christianity are the religion behind the I Ching.

The Christian I Ching tends to explore the collaboration between ancient Asian wisdom and Christianity’s spiritual tradition. Well, according to the religion I Ching is an amazing tool that is used to explore how God called us to live our lives.

Confucianism is believed to have also added some of the commentaries that are known as the ten wings. Religion enabled the writing as a masterwork to supplement the older sections of the book.

Taoist I Ching is one of the Metaphysical and is the most developed. Among this religion, Taoism provided a guideline for behavior and spiritual ways of living. Taoism holds that animals and humans live in balance with the Tao.

I Ching has greatly been used as a map of conscious development, that contains the underlying principle of many religions. I Ching is praised by followers of Buddhism. The concept of Buddhism has been used to elucidate I Ching concentration and insights.

Who wrote I Ching?

Fu Xi is the mythical sage king who wrote the book of I Ching. It is believed Fu Xi lived during the first half of the third millennium of BC. According to the Legend, the eight trigrams were revealed to Fu Xi supernaturally. Towards the end of the third millennium BC, the eight trigrams had already developed into 64 hexagrams. This is now the way the I Ching structure has been arranged

When was I Ching Written?

I Ching was written around 1000 BCE. The book appeared in China as one of the guides in fortune-telling 3000 years back. The story starts with eight three-lined trigrams that represented the fundamental universe phenomena.

What is I Ching used for?

I Ching is used for a variety of things in society. The book has been used for thousands of years as the universe’s Philosophical taxonomy, a manual for rulers, a manual for an ethical life, and as an oracle for the future of the state and one’s future. Additionally, I Ching has used it as an organizing principle and proof for literary as well as art criticism.

I Ching has been used for people with decision-making, personal betterment, conflict resolution, and relationship problems. I Ching is used to teach about the negative influences that are associated with ego; anger, anxiety, fear, aggressiveness, arrogance, and greed. It has been the most consulted book in China and East Asia and many people use it to create a belief that explains everything

Why is the I Ching important?

The I Ching is so important because it formed the building block for the development of kingship civilization, writing, marriage, agriculture, and navigation. Moreover, I Ching teaches some essential qualities like peace, modesty, restraint, humility, awareness, independence, adaptability, simplicity, acceptance, innocence, sincerity, patience, joy, perseverance, devotion to inner truth, consciousness, and compassion.

I Ching is very important since it offers pragmatic guidance which acknowledges that people have both negative and positive traits in their characters. It thus provides a piece of practical advice on how to successfully navigate difficult situations


Being one of the oldest Chinese classics, I Ching is more than just a book. It seeks to expound on the reader’s consciousness, through the teaching of sets of qualities and at the same time advises against the actions of the ego. I Ching was used as an organizing principle and a proof for literary as well as art criticism.  Well, if you want to find out what your future looks like, or you want moral principles to govern your life. You may need to consult the I Ching book.

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