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Herbs have played a significant role in human health for a long time. If you have used them before, you have probably come across ginseng, a highly valued herb. It is a short plant with fleshy roots.

This plant has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Though there are different varieties of ginseng, this article will focus on Chinese ginseng. We will cover what it is, its health benefits, and its history. Read on to find out more!

What is Chinese ginseng?


Chinese ginseng is also referred to as Asian ginseng. This perennial plant is one of the different types of ginseng, and it has existed for thousands of years. What makes it quite popular is its health benefits.

This gnarled root resembles a human body with stringy shoots. It can grow up to 24 inches tall.

Chinese ginseng is made up of different parts. The most important parts of this plant are referred to as ginsenosides and saponins. It also contains maltol, peptides, B vitamins, and glycans. Chinese ginseng supplements are made from ginseng root.

Chinese ginseng benefit

Chinese ginseng is believed to stimulate the body’s resistance to stressors. Many people believe it can help with the following.

  • Boost memory

Some people believe that taking Chinese ginseng orally can boost one’s thinking. They suggest that it can improve the memory of individuals between the ages of 38 and 66.

  • Improves sexual function

Taking Chinese ginseng is believed to improve sexual performance. According to animal studies, it can improve sexual activity and sperm production. People believe that taking this herb can help one get an erection and maintain it for long.  

  • Reduces cold or flu

Consuming Chinese ginseng by mouth is also believed to minimize the risk of getting a cold or flu. This plant can improve the immune system and help the body fight such infections. It can increase the number of immune cells in the body.

  • Eliminates fatigue

If one has multiple sclerosis, they are advised to consume Chinese ginseng since it can improve the quality of life. Taking this herb orally for a couple of months can help eliminate fatigue in such patients.

Why ginseng is good for health

Ginseng is good for health since it contains antioxidants. It can benefit the body in that it reduces inflammation. We mentioned that ginseng is made up of ginsenoside, which can minimize oxidative damage to cells and lead to chronic diseases.

Taking ginseng can also help improve brain functions like mood and behavior. Its compound can protect the brain from damage caused by free radicals. If you experience anxiety or depression, you should consider taking ginseng since it can relieve them. People with Alzheimer’s can also enjoy this herb’s positive effects.

The ginsenosides in ginseng is believed to prevent the abnormal growth of cells in the body and reduce the risk of specific cancers. This herb is good for health since it provides antioxidant protection and helps the body maintain healthy cells. It is also believed to help control the blood sugar levels in the body. This is because the herb can enhance insulin production and boost pancreatic cell function.

Why is Chinese ginseng important?

Chinese ginseng is the king of tonic herbs in Traditional Chinese medicine. Asians continue praising this herb for its virtues. Some claim it is essential since it can make aging individuals young, prolong life, and eliminate fatigue.  

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the root of this herb increases qi energy. People believe that it arranges the qi streaming in the body and then converges it to the body parts that require revitalization. Experts argue that Chinese ginseng can be applied when evil qi is absent. Evil qi is believed to cause illnesses.

Some people prescribe Chinese ginseng for digestive functions since they believe it can treat disorders. Chinese ginseng is also promoted as a dietary supplement for menopausal hot flashes and respiratory conditions.

Where does Chinese ginseng come from?

Chinese ginseng is believed to have originated from the Far East in China, Korea, and Siberia. It is a protected plant in China and Russia. This plant is also cultivated in certain areas of Japan. Initially, Chinese ginseng was exclusively used by Chinese emperors. Since this herb became famous, people started trading it in exchange for other items like silk.

Chinese ginseng is found in mountains, banks of torrents, and in forests. Since this plant dislikes the sun, it mostly grows in areas with adequate shade. It prefers growing in cool climatic conditions.

Chinese ginseng history

Many people believe this herb was discovered in the mountains of Manchuria, China, over 5000 years ago. References to this plant are found in books dating back over two millennia. One of the first written texts that covered the use of Chinese ginseng as a medicinal plant was the Shen Nong Pharmacopoeia. This book was written in 196 AD in china.  

By 1596, an expert known as Liz Shizhen described this herb as a superior tonic. People believed that even though Chinese ginseng could not cure all conditions, it was a tonic for patients suffering from chronic conditions. In the 16th century, control over ginseng fields in Korea and China became a problem.  

Ginseng meaning in Chinese culture

According to Chinese culture, ginseng is the most valuable of all medicinal herbs. They believe this herb is the cure for most health problems, including impotence, forgetfulness, shortness of breath, anemia, body weakness, and lack of appetite.

The Chinese use the leaves and roots of this plant to treat such conditions. For instance, they use ginseng leaves to make a tonic tea. In the Chinese folk tradition, the leaves of this plant can lower fevers.


Ginseng is among the most popular herbs in the world. While some people rely on conventional medicine to cure diseases, others believe more in the power of such herbs. Ginseng is valuable in Chinese culture since it is believed to help with numerous ailments. Many believe combining it with other herbs can lead to more effective results.

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