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My name is Yelang, I love my country. I love Chinese history, Chinese culture and Chinese food, I want to share my story to friends all over the world. Truly, without any political bias, let you know my motherland. For this reason, I have traveled all over China's 20 + provinces and visited more than 100 + cities. At the same time, I read a lot of books and articles, and let you know through the website of sonofchina. At the same time, I hope to get to know friends all over the world and know different countries in the world through sonofchina.So, if you have any questions, please let me know.

Lin’an Tuankou Divine Beast Lantern

In the town of Tuankou, located in the southwest of Lin’an City, Hangzhou, a ancient and mysterious art form has been passed down to this day, known as the Divine Beast Lantern. This is a familial ritualistic lantern dance, renowned for its unique style and profound cultural significance, attracting countless admirers. Situated at the border […]

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Jing County oil-paper umbrella

Jing County oil-paper umbrella is one of China’s traditional handicrafts with a long history and unique craftsmanship. This type of umbrella is constructed with high-quality wood as the frame and oil-paper as the canopy, meticulously crafted through multiple processes. The distinctive features of Jing County oil-paper umbrellas include vibrant colors, durable texture, and excellent rain

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Jiu Niang Yuan Zi: Glutinous Rice Balls In Fermented Rice Wine

Sweet Rice Dumplings in Fermented Rice Wine is a traditional snack originating from the southern regions of China, particularly in Jiangnan. These small, round dumplings are crafted from glutinous rice flour and cooked together with fermented rice wine. The fermented rice wine imparts a rich, sweet, and smooth flavor, while the dumplings offer a soft

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The Tradition of Carrying the Well Maiden in Zhoushan

Zhoushan Archipelago, located in the eastern waters of China, is the country’s largest archipelago. With abundant water sources, a unique water-fetching tradition called “Carrying the Well Maiden” has developed among the locals, making it one of the most distinctive and mysterious customs in the region. The tradition of Carrying the Well Maiden originated from folk

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