The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts

“The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts” is an extremely regionally distinctive folk traditional martial arts and competitive activity, originating from Lin’an District, Hangzhou City. Here is a detailed introduction to “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts”: Origin and History “The Shangtian Eighteen Martial Arts,” this unique form of martial arts, has its deep history documented in the “Qian Family Genealogy,”

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The Grass Dragon Dance of Hengjie

In Hengjie Village, Jincheng Street, Lin’an City, there exists an ancient traditional activity known as the Grass Dragon Dance. This rich and distinctive folk art form is deeply rooted in the fertile soil of Wu-Yue culture, having undergone millennia of sedimentation and inheritance, yet still exuding vibrant vitality today. Grass Dragon of Hengjie, called Hengjie

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Changhua Folk Songs

Changhua folk songs, as know as Changhua Minge, an ancient art form spanning millennia, bear rich historical and cultural significance, representing a unique cultural heritage of the Changhua region in Lin’an, Zhejiang Province. Originating from the ancient “Wu Ge Yue Yin,” over the course of many generations, they have evolved into distinctive artistic styles. Changhua folk

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Lin’an Qianhong Peach Blossom Paper

Qianhong Peach Blossom Paper,Chinese called taohua zhi is a traditional handmade paper originating from Zhejiang Province, China, renowned for its reputation as “paper with a lifespan of a thousand years.” The crafting technique of this paper has been listed as a representative project of intangible cultural heritage in Zhejiang Province, showcasing its profound cultural heritage and

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Changhua Bamboo Weaving

Changhua bamboo weaving is a traditional handicraft with a long history, spanning over 2500 years, mainly distributed in the Changhua region of Zhejiang Province, especially widespread in the town of Qingliangfeng. This bamboo weaving technique has gradually become exquisite through the inheritance of generations of bamboo weaving artisans, evolving from initially producing primitive production tools

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Tuankou The Blue Lion Lantern of Lin’an

The Blue Lion Lantern of Lin’an, a unique traditional folk cultural activity in Tuankou Town, Lin’an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, has become a shared cultural memory for local people and beyond due to its unique charm and profound historical and cultural significance. The perfect combination of the Blue Lion and lantern not only provides the audience

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